First Meeting Held for Smart Cities Master Plan

First Meeting Held for Smart Cities Master Plan

First Meeting Held for Smart Cities Master Plan

The first meeting for the project, which will carry the city to the upper levels in the Smart Cities network, with the grant support of 750 thousand dollars within the scope of the "Gaziantep Smart City Master Plan" to be implemented in cooperation with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality (GBB), USA Trade and Development Agency (USTDA), is chaired by Secretary General Sezer Cihan. It was held in the Metropolitan Municipality Assembly Hall.

In the grant program carried out jointly by the Metropolitan Municipality Information Processing Department and the Foreign Relations Department; While the executives of the project manager McKinsey presented the roadmap preparation process, the relevant departments participating in the meeting conveyed their expectations from the project. McKinsey, who is tasked with GBB's smart city strategy, will lead Technical Assistance.

The main objectives of Technical Assistance are; Understanding the current Smart City activities in Turkey and Gaziantep, examining the resources, IT infrastructure, basic needs and policy priorities of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, creating Gaziantep's citizen-oriented Smart City vision, determining and prioritizing the main use applications in the solution areas, Smart City road mapping and governance model, assessing technological requirements, preparing the 5-year financial map and examining quantitative and qualitative potential impacts, and identifying US IT companies to collaborate with.

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