Who Have to Use e-Ledgers in the Year

Who Have to Use e-Ledgers in the Year

Who Have to Use e-Ledgers in the Year

The e-Ledger application is the preparation of the journals and general ledgers of the companies in electronic environment and their certificates are created and sent to the system of the Revenue Administration (GİB). In other words, notebooks are prepared and sent electronically as e-Ledgers instead of paper. All companies with a turnover of 2020 million TL or more in 5, taxpayers who are required to be included in the e-Invoice application in 2021, and taxpayers who meet the requirement to be subject to independent audit in 2021 are required to switch to e-Ledger on January 1, 2022.

Health service providers who have signed a contract with the Social Security Institution (SGK) and all taxpayers who supply medical supplies and drugs, active substances (Hospital, Medical centers, Branch centers, Dialysis centers, other specialized treatment centers licensed by the Ministry of Health, Diagnosis, examination and imaging centers , Laboratories, Pharmacies, Medical device and material suppliers, Opticians, Hearing centers, Spas, Pharmacy warehouses, Private legal entities offering and/or producing human medicinal products and their unincorporated branches) as of July of this year (July 2021) - They switched to the invoice application and these companies will be forced to switch to the e-Ledger application in January 2022.

Companies that will become e-Ledger taxpayers in the new year should not only check whether the accounting programs they use are suitable for e-Ledger, but also make this preparation as soon as possible if they plan to work with a private integrator. Penal sanctions specified in the Tax Procedure Law (VUK) will be applied to the taxpayers who do not switch to the e-Ledger application despite the requirement for e-Ledger.

Financial advisors usually prepare e-Ledgers.

Companies that carry out their accounting transactions with their own personnel prepare their e-Ledgers internally with the accounting program they use. On the other hand, the financial advisors of the companies that receive external support for accounting transactions carry out e-Ledger transactions. Almost 80% of the currently created e-Ledgers are prepared by financial advisors and sent to the Revenue Administration (GIB).

Not only companies that are required to use the e-Ledger application, companies that want to get rid of the processes that cause time loss and workload also switch to e-Ledger on a voluntary basis. The e-Ledger application provides efficiency to businesses with its structure that is fully compliant with the legal regulations and is updated according to the changing regulations. Thanks to the e-Ledger, companies can store and archive their books electronically, and send them to the Revenue Administration in a practical and fast way. Another issue is that paper books must be notarized at the beginning of the year, and with the e-Ledger application, notary expenses are eliminated.

Compliance in the e-Ledger process BACKUP support

UyuYEDEK keeps the primary copy of the created e-Ledger and automatically sends the secondary storage to the Revenue Administration. As it is known, from the beginning of 2020, companies are required to send their e-Ledger records to the Revenue Administration for secondary storage. In the past, there was no such obligation, only the certificates were kept in the GİB and it was the responsibility of the company to keep the e-Ledgers. However, as of 2020, the practice has changed. Thanks to Uyumsoft's UyumYEDEK service offered since 2020, taxpayer businesses can automatically send the secondary storage of their e-Ledgers to the RA system by pressing a single button.

Not only the e-Ledger but also other data can be backed up in UyuYEDEK.

UyuBay is not just a solution that keeps the primary copy of the e-Ledger and automatically sends the secondary storage to the Revenue Administration. If they wish, businesses can also back up their other commercial data here. A backup area is opened by Uyumsoft for businesses and they can back up their important data in this area. Thus, they can safely store their important documents and access them from anywhere.

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