What is DMAE? What are the Benefits to the Skin?

What is DMAE? What are the Benefits to the Skin?
What is DMAE? What are the Benefits to the Skin?

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon Associate Professor İbrahim Aşkar gave information on the subject. DMAE (Dimethylaminoethanol) is an effective antioxidant in nervous tissue and skin. When counting antioxidants, DMAE is often not mentioned. DMAE acts as an antioxidant that balances the cell membrane and balances the cell membrane by mixing between the cell membrane in localized uses, both orally and by applying it on the skin. It acts as a shield against free radicals in the cell membrane, in the removal of toxic substances from the cell and in the uptake of useful amino acids, vitamins and minerals. In other words, it creates an antioxidant effect by protecting the cell membrane against free radicals. It both prevents the disruption of the cell membrane, and arachidonic acid blocks the synthesis of substances that cause inflammation.

When applied to the skin surface together with other substances such as amino acids, vitamins and minerals, it provides a rapid improvement in the appearance of sagging skin with its skin tightening effect. Providing fast and striking results, DMAE also provides a smoother and brighter skin, while reducing wrinkles.

It is a condition that manifests itself with sagging skin, which occurs with aging, genetic factors, external factors and metabolic factors due to slowed metabolism. When evaluating the aging of the skin, wrinkles, dryness, enlargement of pores, deterioration of color tone, spots, loss of elasticity, sagging, clarification and cracks in the veins due to thinning of the dermis, and decrease in skin brightness are observed. Due to the slowdown in metabolism during the aging process, the production and presence of many proteins and other substances that keep the skin and underlying tissues alive are reduced due to the damage caused by free radicals. As plastic surgeons, we remove or cut off the excess of the tissues in the area that goes down to the muscle. These surgeries do not correct the loss of elasticity in the skin.

In order to move a muscle, first a signal from the brain – just like the electric current in an electrical cable – travels along a whole nerve and when it comes to the nerve ending closest to the muscle, it causes the muscle to contract by transmitting the nerve signal to the muscle with a substance called acetylcholine in an ampoule-like structure we call the nerve junction. With the harmful effects of free radicals on the nerve tissue and insufficient nutrition, aging begins. With aging, acetylcholine production also begins to decline. Therefore, the contraction and tone of the muscles begin to decrease. A healthy diet and DMAE intake can reduce the effects of aging on muscle and nerve tissue. A healthy diet and intake of DMAE also help the skin to look younger, livelier and brighter.

DMAE is found mostly in fish. DMAE increases the functions of substances that provide more thinking and concentration in the central nervous system by preventing the destruction of free radicals. For years, millions of people have been taking DMAE capsules with the advice of a doctor. When applied topically to a certain area, rapid soothing of the skin under stress from external factors; It provides tightening of the skin very quickly and very safely. However, it should be used with the advice and recommendation of a doctor. When applied with DMAE, alpha lipoic acid and vitamin C, its effect on the skin is accelerated. The brightness of the skin increases, the prominence of lines decreases and the jowl becomes tighter. Its effect lasts for about 24 hours. Long-term use of DMAE prolongs its effect. Long-term use of DMAE not only on the skin, but also on the facial muscles, and provides a slimmer face. This gives a face appearance as if he has lost weight. In addition, the tension in the forehead muscles also raises the tip of the nose and supports a younger face.

Topically, DMAE helps to clarify the jaw line even in a single use, and in long-term use, its effect is prolonged and becomes much more pronounced. The flesh of DMAE is mostly seen around the eyes and a tighter and tighter eye area is obtained. DMAE, which is used in combination with antioxidants, gives thin and lined lips a fuller and succulent appearance. The most common method used by professional make-up artists for the look they call “kiss me lips” is the use of DMAE-antioxidant. When DMAE lotion is used topically on legs, butt and hips, an improvement in the appearance of cellulite can be seen within 20 minutes. It makes the muscles appear more prominent in young people and bodybuilders. Before the competitions, many bodybuilders use DMAE lotions. DMAE lotions are very useful in cases where nightwear, yeast, bikini or clothes that show the body are worn. When used on the décolleté, it quickly reduces lines and wrinkled appearance. Even in one use, it gives wtki lasting up to 24 hours. In other words, it can be used at an important night and before a party and it will benefit all night long.

Prof. Dr. İbrahim Aşkar said, “As a result, lotions containing a combination of DMAE, alpha lipoic acid and Vitamin C are risk-free treatments to fight against a destruction that is impossible to prevent such as aging. It does not have side effects such as allergies, pain, pain, bleeding.”

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