What are the Causes of Infertility in Men?

What are the Causes of Infertility in Men?
What are the Causes of Infertility in Men?

📩 15/11/2021 10:57

“According to the definitions of the World Health Organization, infertility is defined as the inability to get pregnant despite at least 1 year of unprotected intercourse. When we look at the causes of infertility, on average, the problem of infertility affects men and women equally. Infertility in couples occurs due to 40% male-related, 40% female-related, 10% male-female-related, 10% unknown reasons. For this reason, couples who have infertility problems should understand the problem and discuss it among themselves, these averages show us that infertility is not only a problem related to the woman but also a problem that concerns both the couple and has a solution. Embryologist Abdullah Arslan shared what should be known about male infertility (male infertility). ?

“With the onset of puberty, sperm production begins in men. Sperm are produced in the testicles and complete their development in the epididymis, which is part of the male reproductive system. This process takes approximately 90 days. The sperm, which are ready to meet with the egg that has completed the maturation process, are thrown into the female vagina through the sperm channels during sexual intercourse and move towards the egg to fertilize. Sperm production continues throughout a man's life. Whatever the reason, male infertility is a sensitive issue that should be approached with experience. Many infertile men feel incomplete and unhappy. Some of the men who encounter this problem think that they have lost their masculinity. These feelings are normal and the way to overcome them is to communicate with other people and experts. Infertile couples should support each other to overcome these problems and it should not be forgotten that 90% of infertility causes can be treated and there are many treatment options. said.

Change Your Life Habits!

Embryologist Abdullah Arslan talked about the factors that cause infertility in men; Life habits are the leading cause of infertility in men, when you change your daily life habits, it is possible to see that the negative effects begin to decrease and this has a clear positive effect on sperm. We can explain the important of these habits as follows;

Cigarette: It reduces sperm count and motility and disrupts the normal structure of sperm.

Alcohol: Excessive alcohol intake lowers sperm count and leads to abnormal sperm production.

Testicular temperature: Testicular temperature in men is lower than body temperature. If testis temperature increases, sperm production decreases. High fever, working in a hot environment, sauna and wearing tight pants can increase testicular temperature.

Excess weight: It causes an increase in testicular temperature and a decrease in sperm count.

Excessive exercise: It can cause infertility by reducing hormone production.

Medicines: Some blood pressure and ulcer medications can lower sperm count and decrease sexual desire.

Stress: By negatively affecting the hormonal balance, it prevents the regular secretion of the hormones responsible for sperm production and reduces the production of healthy sperm.

What Affects Male Reproductive Health?

Hormones, sperm production, sperm transport in the sperm channels and sexual functions affect male reproductive health. Embryologist Abdullah Arslan said that a defect in any of these causes infertility. “It is also useful to know some of the main diseases and special conditions that we see as a cause of infertility in men. Some of them are; Undescended testicle (Cryptorcism), testicular tumors, varicocele, infections, obstruction in the reproductive channels, causes of the nervous system, genetic disorders and diabetes (Diabetes). "said.

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