Turkish Maritime Sector Increases Its Competitiveness With Record Growth

Turkish Maritime Sector Increases Its Competitiveness With Record Growth
Turkish Maritime Sector Increases Its Competitiveness With Record Growth

With the pandemic, the Turkish maritime industry turned the crisis in maritime transport into an opportunity and added 110 ships of different tonnage and types to its fleet. The sector, which has achieved such a growth in its fleet for the first time since 2013, is getting ready to meet at Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, which will be held for the 30th time this year at Viaport Marina Tuzla between 03 November and 2021 December 16. Expressing that their target as an industry is to increase our Turkish-owned fleet, which is close to 30 million DWT today, to 50 million DWT, Tamer Kıran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, said, “I believe that Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, organized in the name of our Chamber, will meet with its local and foreign participants and visitors. It will make Istanbul one of the important centers of the maritime industry and will contribute to achieving our growth target.”

Currently, approximately 85% of the world's cargoes are transported by sea. While the record increases in the freight market in the recent period have led to an increase in the profitability of maritime transport; Turkish shipowners invested in the sector at a record level, as Turkey gained a freight advantage over the Far East in trade with European Union countries. Thus, the Turkish-owned maritime fleet achieved a capacity increase of 9 million DWT in 2.5 months, in other words 8.6 percent, while the Turkish maritime fleet grew at this rate for the first time since 110, with the participation of 2013 ships of different tonnage and types. The growth rate of the Turkish-owned merchant marine fleet is expected to nearly triple the figure of the world merchant fleet, which is estimated to grow by around 3,2 percent this year, according to international reports.

Tamer Kıran – Chairman of the IMEAK Chamber of Shipping: “We aim to increase our Turkish-owned fleet, which is close to 30 million DWT, to 50 million DWT.”

Stating that the stones are displaced in the world maritime transport and that countries like Turkey that want to get a bigger share from the sea are saying "full speed ahead" again, Tamer Kıran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, said, "The global fleet will increase by 2021 percent in 3.05 on a DWT basis to 2 billion 130. It is expected to reach 2,5 million 25 thousand TEU with an increase of 910 percent on a TEU basis. As the Turkish maritime industry, we took this growth wind behind us. Our target as an industry is to increase our Turkish-owned fleet, which is close to 30 million DWT today, to 50 million DWT. We believe that reaching these values ​​should be among our national goals and we express this issue on every platform. Our country, in accordance with its global and regional geographical position, is making significant progress and reinforcing its position as a center in the maritime sector, not only in terms of maritime transport, but also in matters related to shipyard, ship and yacht building industry and port services. In the post-pandemic period, fairs are very important for the development of trade and the maritime industry in all aspects.” said.

“The green deal and the steps taken for climate change encompass opportunities and threats”

Pointing out that the maritime industry will come together at the Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, which was held for the 30th time this year at Viaport Marina Tuzla between 03 November and 2021 December 16, Tamer Kıran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping, said, “The exhibition welcomes local and foreign participants and visitors. I believe that Istanbul will become one of the important centers of the maritime industry. Our national and international ship and yacht building, sub-industry, maintenance, repair and ship recycling, ship equipment, mechanical and auxiliary equipment, logistics, port management, ship equipment and defense industry companies are at Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul to promote their latest technology products and provide a very will have the opportunity to meet with a large number of participants. Both the transformation in the global supply chain after the Covid-19 epidemic, and the steps taken within the framework of the green agreement and climate change contain important opportunities and threats. The European Union has set many detailed targets such as the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions in transportation by 2050 percent in 90 with the Green Agreement it has adopted and the sustainable and smart transportation strategy it has created within this framework, and the development and market launch of ships with zero carbon emissions in 2030 with the interim target. Undoubtedly, the maritime sector is one of the sectors that will be most affected by these changes. In summary, a very difficult process awaits us. Because the machines to achieve these goals have not been invented yet, and it is out of question to reach these goals with fossil fuel burning machines.”

Murat Kıran – President of GISBIR: “We are among the few countries in the world that build their own military ships”

Murat Kıran, Chairman of the Board of Directors of GİSBİR, the Turkish Shipbuilders' Association, said, “I see fairs such as Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul as important opportunities for the shipbuilding industry to become widespread and for marine enthusiasts to come together with manufacturers. It is our greatest wish that Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, which I think contributes to our country, economy and industry, will become a brand like other examples in the world. Today, the Turkish Shipbuilding Industry is the world's largest live fish transport vessel, the first LNG-powered tugboat, the first hybrid ferry, the world's first with an annual construction capacity of 40 million tons, in addition to the minimum direct employment and indirect employment of 200 people. Battery and LNG-powered fishing vessel, the first energy conversion ships, the largest sailing yacht, many "best" and "firsts" such as and continues to do. We are among the few countries in the world that build their own military ships. We maintain our place among the top three in the world in yacht building. I know that among the Turkish yacht manufacturers, there are companies that have become brands in the world today, and I am proud of this.” said.

GİSBİR President Murat Kıran continued as follows: “Unlike the sectors that were affected by the effect of the pandemic we experienced last year, we thank God that we did not have a big problem in the field of shipbuilding, especially in our yacht industry, and I can even say that we are one of the rare sectors that turned this crisis into an opportunity. Thanks to the ferries, energy vessels, tugboats, offshore vessels, fishing vessels, chemical tankers, cargo vessels and other commercial vessels we have built in our country, and when we add maintenance and repair to these, our annual export figure has approached 2 billion dollars. Our industry continues to work with determination so that our export figure goes further every year.”

Cem Seven – President of GYHİB: “We achieved an increase of 399 percent in the export of the maritime sector”

Exposhipping Ship, Yacht and Services Exporters' Association (GYHİB), one of the main supporters of Expomaritt Istanbul, achieved an increase of 399 percent in October compared to the same period of the previous year, and realized exports of approximately 208 million 205 thousand dollars. The share of the sector in Turkey's total exports was 1,1 percent. Evaluating the export figures of the sector, Ship, Yacht and Services Exporters' Association Chairman Cem Seven said, “As the Ship Yachts and Services Exporters' Association, we are pleased to be among the sectors that increased Turkey's exports with the highest rate in October. Our export, which includes high technology and innovative elements, has a huge share in our success.” Looking at the sub-items of the sector, the biggest contribution to the sector's exports was ship exports with 147 million 224 thousand 933 dollars in October, followed by ferry exports with 23 million 197 thousand 261 dollars. The country to which the ship, yacht and services sector performed the most exports in October was the Russian Federation. GYHİB President Seven said, “Russia was followed by Norway with 74 million 770 thousand dollars, Malta with 17 million dollars, Marshall Islands with 4 million 767 thousand dollars and the USA with 1 million 618 thousand dollars.” said.

“Fairs Contribute to Exports”

Underlining that the fairs regarding the ship and yacht industries held in Turkey are important for the gathering of local and international sector stakeholders, Seven said, “As the Ship Yacht and Services Exporters' Association, we undertake the national participation of Turkey in the sectoral fairs held abroad, and the sectoral fairs held in our country. We provide support in contributing to the international promotion of both our country and the ship and yacht building sectors in Turkey. In this respect, I hope that Exposhipping Istanbul Fair, one of the leading international sectoral organizations of our country, will continue to make positive contributions to our industry, and I wish success for the organization that will take place in 2021.” said.

Esin Aslıhan Göksel – Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul Fair Director: “We will host more than 35 countries, more than 200 exhibitors and 700 brands”

Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, 16th International Maritime Fair & Conference, will be held by Informa Markets on behalf of IMEAK Chamber of Shipping on 30 November – 03 December 2021 at VIAPORT Marina Tuzla. Esin Aslıhan Göksel, Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul Fair Director, gave information about the latest preparations for the fair and said, “The Turkish maritime industry is in a great leap forward and transformation. As Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, we have an important mission to accelerate this transformation and to bring the industry together with the brands in the international maritime industry. Exposhipping Expomaritt Istanbul, which we organize every two years, is the most important trade and marketing platform in the region. We have been bringing the global maritime industry together with the Turkish Shipbuilding and Sub-Industry for 16 years under the same roof. This year, we will host more than 35 exhibitors and 200 brands from over 700 countries, mainly Germany, England, Denmark, Norway, Netherlands, EU, China, South Korea, Italy and Spain. Turkish Shipbuilding Industry has the power to compete with the world's leading maritime countries in Turkey's new shipbuilding, ship maintenance-repair and defense industry projects with its high-quality workforce and production capacity at European standards and quality.” said.

Events that will expand the horizons and business volumes of the maritime industry at Exposhipping Istanbul

Exposhipping Istanbul, the 30th International Maritime Fair & Conference, to be held at VIAPORT Marina Tuzla on 03 November – 2021 December 16 will host events that will broaden the horizons of the maritime industry. Shipowners Network Meeting will bring together our shipowners, who have increased their capacities worldwide in this period, with their international colleagues for information exchange and new collaborations. We will organize visits so that international delegations participating in the fair can see the capacity and superiority of Turkish shipyards on site. Events such as Marine Talks, the conference program where industry leaders will evaluate the Turkish and international maritime industry, and Participant Seminars, where exhibitors will introduce their new technologies and brands, will bring the latest developments in the maritime industry to the agenda. Under the coordination of the TR Ministry of Commerce and organized by the Ship, Yacht and Services Exporters' Association, the Buying Committee from abroad will also provide new market opportunities for the participants. The latest technological developments in the sector will be exhibited at the Innovation Pavilion at the fairground.

We Put Your Health and Safety at the Focus of Our Activities

Exposhipping Both participants and visitors will be able to enter Expomaritt Istanbul Fair with HES code and mask. In addition to the measures implemented by our country, a healthy and safe fair environment will be presented by applying the AllSecure Standards covering 'Cleaning and Hygiene', 'Physical Distance' and 'Detection and Protection' developed by the world's largest event organizer, Informa Markets.

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