Registration of TOUGHBOOK Ambulance Forum to be Held in Europe Has Started

The registration of the toughbook ambulance forum that will take place in europe has started
The registration of the toughbook ambulance forum that will take place in europe has started

The event offers the opportunity to meet with companies providing Ambulance Services and see how technology is shaping the future of this sector in Europe.

Registration for the TOUGHBOOK Ambulance Forum, which will take place in Europe, has started. The online event, which will bring together technology experts and ambulance services to talk about how technology is shaping the future of the industry, will take place on Thursday, November 25, 2021, at 12.00 – 14.00 CET. You can register for the event at

The Ambulance Forum is the second of the special emergency services event planned to be held after the European TOUGHBOOK Police Forum held in early 2021. Among the highlights of the event calendar is new research examining technology trends in ambulance services. White Space Strategy will discuss how COVID is driving the increase in the use of remote healthcare solutions, how there will be more integrated communication between frontline staff and hospital services in the future, and how Android can become the operating system of choice in the industry with its advanced security services.

Industry experts and technology leaders such as Microsoft, Intel and NetMotion will also discuss digitalization in the ambulance industry and the latest innovations in mobile computing, the challenges of maintaining critical connections on the front lines, and the potential benefits of Windows 11 to emergency services.

The event also includes sessions in local languages. These sessions will shed light on technology innovations in ambulance services in various regions of Europe such as Italy, Spain and the Benelux. These technological innovations include integrating digital patient records for front-line use and the effective use of electronic ID readers.

Daichi Kato, Head of Panasonic Enterprise Mobile Solutions Europe, said: “With effective digitalisation, it is possible to empower ambulance crews to shorten response times, deliver better care to patients and save more lives. This forum provides an important opportunity to bring together technology and ambulance experts to share how the latest solutions have been used successfully and to learn more about new developments in hardware, communications and applications. That is why I invite all employees in the ambulance service industry whose job is related to or interested in technologies to sign up today.”


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