Nature Lover Who Prefers Nature to Asphalt Meets in Kilyos

Nature Lover Who Prefers Nature To Asphalt Meets In Kilyosta
Nature Lover Who Prefers Nature To Asphalt Meets In Kilyosta

Offroad caravan owners who want to leave asphalt and noise behind and embrace nature and peace came together at the 5×7 World Offroad Caravan Camp held at Kilyos Life in Nature School between 4 -4 November. In the event organized with the slogan "Camp is Different in November", the participants, who share a common passion and culture, had a festival-like camping experience with different activities. This year's format of the event was determined in line with the importance of the pandemic.

The 5×7 World Offroad Caravan Camp held at Kilyos Nature School on 4-4 November brought together Offroad caravan owners who want to leave the asphalt and noise behind and embrace nature and peace. The participants experienced the pleasure of sharing common culture and knowledge, away from the chaos of the city, in the serenity of nature, with their families.

The event, which was organized with the concept of quality time consisting of camping, life, education and entertainment with family and friends with the same interests in nature, passed like a festival with different activities. In addition to acoustic music in the air, activities such as Land Rover Defender TOV Assist (caravan parking assistant) experience, trailer parking training, caravan driving training in the field, caravan maintenance, environment and safety-oriented camp fire and fire control training were offered to the participants.

4×4 World Offroad Caravan Camp, Crawler Caravan, Hunter Nature Caravan, Petrichor Camper, Clashanturk Camper, Siesta Caravan, Shantigo, Land Rover, Nurgaz, Aygaz, Vaneda, Avis Caravan, Wolf Caravan, Budget, Enterprise, CosyWolf, Trendmarin and Aksa It was realized with the sponsorship support of Generator. PRactice Communication Management also contributed as a communication partner to the event organized by 4×4 World Erel Digital Publishing.

Mehmet Erel, the 4×4 World Erel Digital Publishing Privilege Holder and Publications Coordinator, who undertook the organization of the festival, said, “We came together as a family, those who love nature, enjoy being in nature with their families and loved ones, share a common culture and a common passion. We know that escaping to nature is very important in our community, where we interact very closely, especially during the pandemic period. This weekend, we hosted Offroad Caravan owners, who want to spend with us in nature, with special health-oriented measures and a special format. Route sharing between offroad caravan owners, focused on transfer of experience sohbets took place. Many commercial stakeholders of our offroad community also added color to the event with activities and stands. Offroad lovers met with Orkun Olgar and Cüneyt Gazioğlu, NTV Adventuresever, on Sunday. sohbet and had the opportunity to share their experiences. In addition, our event brought caravan manufacturers and users together in an experience environment for 3 days and created a product development environment with exchange of views”.

Emphasizing the importance they attach to the protection of nature, Mehmet Erel said, “We were guests at the Kilyos School for Life in Nature, and we took care to leave it as clean as we found it. We would like to thank all our friends who were with us in this beautiful event and all our sponsors who supported us. We have already started working to do even better, together again, next year.”

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