In the middle of the sea, on the edge of death, everyone's life is entrusted to them.

In the middle of the sea, on the edge of death, everyone's life is entrusted to them.
In the middle of the sea, on the edge of death, everyone's life is entrusted to them.

The professionalism of the Coast Guard Command, which connects lives on the fine line between life and death, is striking.

Professional personnel of the Coast Guard Command are the only general law enforcement officers serving in our seas with an understanding of putting themselves in the place of every life and creature that is in a difficult situation and in need of help and to reach them as soon as possible.

As of November 2021, the Coast Guard Command brought 14.708 people, who were in a difficult situation in our seas and were at risk of losing their lives, back to life, as a result of high-efficiency search and rescue operations, from the brink of death.

It extends a helping hand to people who are in a difficult situation not only in our seas, but all over our country, without any discrimination.

With the medical evacuation activities carried out by the Command, sea and air elements, in 2021, 204 people were transferred to the nearest health institution, enabling them to reach medical aid as soon as possible.

The Command, which provides the transport of life-threatening patients and injured people to the nearest health institutions by sea and air in cases of sudden illness, accident or injury, with ships navigating within the Turkish Search and Rescue Zone, also showed great effort and devotion to those who requested assistance due to the Covit-19 pandemic. transferred to health institutions.

With the search and rescue operations it carried out in 2020, the Coast Guard Command rescued 12.655 people alive from the sea and provided the medical evacuation of 186 people to reach medical aid.

When It's About Saving Lives

In severe sea and weather conditions, Coast Guard professionals who risk their lives to save people they do not know and dedicate themselves to saving lives, make the invaluable value of human life an indispensable principle of their duties and work uninterruptedly in our seas 7 days and 24 hours with the principle of human first.

In order to overcome all the difficulties they may encounter in our seas, they are trained by going through a tough training process by learning the skills that they can be both very strong and very sensitive at the same time, and having the competence to use the technological opportunities and abilities suitable for the needs of the day and the future.

Professional Coast Guard personnel, who focus on saving lives and make it the priority of all their duties, are trained to work on advanced high-speed boats equipped with the latest technology, aerial elements with night vision, and mobile radars with high coverage.

They Reflect All the Benefits of Developing Technology to Search and Rescue Operations

The Coast Guard Command develops its personnel, sea and air elements, technological capabilities and capabilities every year in order to provide the highest quality service in the shortest time possible, while helping every creature in a difficult situation at sea as soon as possible.

The Coast Guard personnel, who transform despair into hope with the search and rescue activities they perform sometimes with the ROV (Remote Operating Vehicle) device in the depths of the sea and sometimes with the ICA (Unmanned Life Rescue Vehicle) on inaccessible rocks, work with great devotion, day and night. .

The Coast Guard Command, which carries out effective search and rescue activities by overcoming all difficulties in all parts of our country, is stationed in 85 different points of our country. Deployed to ensure the highest operational efficiency on the coastline of our country, the Command operates with 4 Coast Guard Corvettes, 108 General Purpose Coast Guard Boats, 83 Small Type Boats, 14 Helicopters, 3 Aircraft and 19 Mobile Radars.

The Effectiveness of the Coast Guard Command Sets an Example for the Whole World

The Coast Guard Command, which is the only general law enforcement agency responsible for ensuring security and safety in the maritime areas under the sovereignty and control of our country, draws the attention of the whole world with its flexible and effective structure and effective and successful search and rescue operations. This level of success of the Coast Guard Command, which strives to keep up with the changes by following all the developments in the world, imposes a very important responsibility on the Command in terms of training the coast guard personnel of foreign countries. The knowledge and experience of the Coast Guard Command, as well as the technological equipment and use of its sea, air and land elements, are transferred to the military personnel working in the Coast Guard Organizations of foreign countries at the Coast Guard Education and Training Command. The number of personnel trained by the Command from 22 friendly and allied countries has reached 2.047 people.

Coast Guard Command is at your side when you are in a difficult situation in our seas

The Coast Guard personnel, who make people say professionalism at work, perseverance at work, courage at work and patriotism at work, with their effective search and rescue operations carried out by overcoming all kinds of difficulties in the extreme sea and weather conditions at the extreme points of our country, are on guard for the safety of life and property of all our citizens in our seas.

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