Relationships Between TRNC and Turkey Cittaslow Networks Will Be Improved

Relationships Between TRNC and Turkey Cittaslow Networks Will Be Improved
Relationships Between TRNC and Turkey Cittaslow Networks Will Be Improved

Izmir Metropolitan Mayor and Turkey Cittaslow Coordinator Tunç Soyer met with the mayors of Cittaslow member cities within the scope of his visit to the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus. Soyer also visited Mehmet Harmancı, Mayor of the Turkish Municipality of Nicosia, Izmir's sister city, and emphasized joint work and solidarity.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor and Turkey Cittaslow Coordinator Tunç Soyer visited the mayors supported for the establishment of the Cittaslow TRNC network in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Yeniboğaziçi Mayor Mustafa Zurnacılar, Mehmetçik Mayor Cemil Sarıçizmeli, Lefke Mayor Aziz Kaya, Geçitkale Mayor Hasan Öztaş, Tatlısu Mayor Hayri Orçan, İnönü Mayor Ali Öncü, Cittaslow TRNC Technical Coordinator Münevver Ebedi, Cittaslow TRNC President of Science Board Azmi Öge Meeting with President Soyer, President Soyer evaluated the cooperation opportunities between Cittaslow networks in Turkey and TRNC.

A message of brotherhood from Nicosia and Izmir

Mayor Soyer also met with Mehmet Harmancı, Mayor of Nicosia Turkish Municipality, Izmir's sister city, within the scope of his visit to the TRNC, and talked about the work that can be done together. President Tunç Soyer's wife Neptün Soyer and Mehmet Harmancı's wife İsmet Cabacaba also attended the meeting. President Soyer stated that although they have not been able to come together for a while due to the pandemic, their hearts are always in Cyprus, and that they will continue from where they left off for joint work. Stating that they are breathing with democracy and their breathing pipes are narrowed due to the obstruction of democracy, Soyer said, "We came to open those breathing pipes." Emphasizing that they are ready to do their best to revive the existing sister city relations with Nicosia, Soyer added that a different voice, thought and perspective is possible and that they will be stronger by working together.

Mehmet Harmancı, on the other hand, expressed their pleasure to host the sister city of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality in the capital Nicosia. Stating that İzmir has a very special place in their hearts, Harmancı stated that they closely follow the works and investments made in İzmir. Stating that people in Cyprus attach importance to polyphony, Harmancı emphasized the importance of those who support peace, democracy and human rights to act in solidarity.

President Soyer also visited Tufan Erhürman, Chairman of the Republican Turkish Party (CTP), within the scope of the TRNC program.

CHP mayors come together in Northern Cyprus

Soyer, as part of the Northern Cyprus program of the CHP Metropolitan Mayors, Dr. He will go to the mausoleums of Fazıl Küçük and Rauf Raif Denktaş. The program will continue with visits to the Presidency, the Republic Assembly, the Prime Ministry, the TRNC Union of Municipalities, the Republican Turkish Party Headquarters, the People's Party Headquarters, the Socialist Democracy Party Headquarters, the Democrat Party Headquarters, and the Rebirth Party Headquarters.

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