Kardemir Ended the Period of 1 January 30 September with a Profit of 2,14 Billion TL

Kardemir Sustained Its Profitability in the Quarter
Kardemir Sustained Its Profitability in the Quarter

📩 04/11/2021 17:08

Kardemir (IS:KRDMD) achieved an EBITDA increase of 2020% in the same quarter of 3 compared to the 2021rd quarter of 388.

The statement of the institution is as follows: Our company, which left the third quarter of 2021 behind, continued the upward momentum it had achieved since the first months of the year, and ended the period of 3 January - 1 September with a net profit of approximately 30 billion TL. We made our official announcement on the Public Disclosure Platform (KAP) as of 2,14/03/11.

Our company, which achieved an EBITDA increase of 2020% in the same quarter of 3 compared to the 2021rd quarter of 388, increased its EBITDA to approximately TL 3,15 billion. Again, we increased our sales revenues over TL 94 billion with an increase of 10,05% compared to the same period of the previous year. Our company, which closed the same period of the previous year with a net debt of 802,46 million TL, increased in the first 2021 months of 9 and reached a net cash figure of 1,43 billion TL.

Despite the imbalances in the world raw material economy and steel markets, our company, which continues its activities with financial discipline and efficient production approach, continued its upward trend in 2021. Our company, which has an important position in the steel industry with its product diversity, the increase in the share of value-added product sales in the total and its strong production memory, accelerated its export activities by increasing its high prestige in the domestic market as well. Our company, which exhibits more innovative approaches especially in 2021; has adapted rapidly to the changing and developing market conditions day by day, and has raised its sales policies to international standards.

Our company, which has generated a total of TL 2,23 billion in net cash in the last year, has continued to be one of the pioneers of the sector with its strong capital and cash structure that has not stopped its investments. Our company, which is among the few Railroad Rail and Railroad Wheel manufacturers in our country's only region, has increased the amount of value-added products in its production with the strategic investments it has made in recent years. In addition to these, it has made important contributions to increasing social welfare with both Environmental and Social Responsibility Projects.

Our company, whose shares are all traded on the Borsa Istanbul (BIST), once again gave confidence to the markets with its stable profit rates. As a company that takes firm steps towards its future goals with our strong corporate structure and determined management approach, for these successful financial results it has achieved; We would like to thank all our employees, shareholders and industry stakeholders.

Our Company's 2021 3rd Quarter Financial Figures Are as follows:

• Consolidated net assets: -TL

• Consolidated turnover: -TL

• EBITDA: 3.153.600.494 -TL

• EBITDA Margin: 31,4%

• EBITDA TL/ton: 1.807-TL

• Consolidated net profit for the period: 2.136.493.809 -TL

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