Istanbul Leg of the Rally Completed

Istanbul Leg of the Rally Completed
Istanbul Leg of the Rally Completed

Ümit Can Özdemir-Batuhan Memişyazıcı duo competing with Ford Fiesta R2021 on behalf of Castrol Ford Team Turkey in the 6st Istanbul Rally, the 41th leg of Shell Helix 5 Turkey Rally Championship. kazanwas.

In the 10.8st Istanbul Rally, where the team of Burak Çukurova and Vedat Bostancı from BC Vision Motorsport finished in second place with a margin of 41 seconds, the duo of Cem Alakoç and Emir Şahin, who made their first race with the Skoda Fabia R5 for BC Vision Motorsport, took part in the third place. While Castrol Ford Team Turkey was the brand winner of the rally, BC Vision Motorsport took the first place among the teams. kazanwas. After the 41st Istanbul Rally, 2021 Shell Helix Turkey Rally Championship kazanthe name was Burak Çukurova.

In the rally organized by the Istanbul Automobile Sports Club, whose short name is İSOK, with the main sponsorship of Istanbul Chamber of Commerce and Budget, with the contributions of Spor Toto, Viaport Marina, Autodrom, Sardunya, Arpos Teknoloji, Auto Club, Fora Tracking and PowerAPP, in Two Wheel Drive, Young Drivers and Class 4 classifications. Ali Türkkan- Aras Dinçer from Castrol Ford Team Turkey, Buğra Can Kılıç-Yusuf Çalık from Evofone Rally Team in Class N, Erol Akbaş-Egemen Dural from Castrol Ford Team Turkey in Class 3, Clio in Class 5 Çağlayan Çelik-Ufuk Uluocak from Rally Trophy Turkey took the first place. Competing with Gürol Baranlı in the Young Co-pilots classification at the 41st Istanbul Rally, Alperen Tetik was the winner of the trophy. Su Yüksel, who followed the championship with the support of TOSFED and FIAT this season as the Women's Winner in the 2019 TOSFED Looking for Star project, took the podium as the first female pilots under the copilot of Yağmur Aksoy, while Çiçek Güney, who competed with Dağhan Ünlüdoğan, won the female co-pilot. kazanwas.

In the historic rally classification, open to classic cars over 35 years old, with a mechanical problem on the first day they said goodbye to the race and started the second day with the super rally, Üstün Üstünkaya-Kerim Tar from the Parkur Racing team won the General Classification and Category 2 with their Ford Escort MKII. kazanwas.

Competing with Fiat Egea in the Şevki Gökermen Rally Cup, Yaman Yılmaz-Soner Tamer won the General Classification and Category 2, Alptekin Işıkalp-Sevi Akal in Category 1, Emrah Ali Başo-Yasin Tomurcuk in Category 3 and Category 4 Erhan Akbaş-Ersen Yıldız became the teams that shared the first places.

Çağlayan Çelik -Ufuk Uluocak won the first place in the 6 Clio Rally Trophy Turkey, which consisted of 41 races and ended with the 2021st Istanbul Rally. kazanWhile, Kağan Karamanoğlu and Oytun Albayrak duo took the first place in the 2021 Fiesta Rally Cup.

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