How Will Metaverse Change the Gaming Industry?

How Will Metaverse Change the Gaming Industry?
How Will Metaverse Change the Gaming Industry?

📩 04/11/2021 10:44

Efe Küçük, CEO of Game Factory, an incubation center for game developers, talked about the place of the game world in the metaverse and how the metaverse will affect the game industry. Underlining that many things promised to happen in the Metaverse are actually already happening, Küçük mentioned the steps that need to be taken in order for the metaverse to enter our daily lives.

“The concept of metaverse is actually already in our lives”

Efe Küçük, CEO of Game Factory, said that the metaverse is actually something that has existed in the game industry for a long time. Stating that a considerable number of 'gamers' in the constantly spoken generation Z have created a different identity for themselves on the internet, Küçük said, "Creating an anonymous identity has been a necessity since the existence of the internet." said.

“There are many games that have created their own fictional world, such as Habbo Hotel or Virtualika. Roblox, which has become one of the most popular games in the world, especially among children, is one of these games. Roblox is a huge game where you can build your own world, visit the worlds created by others and interact socially; a universe. In other words, the concept of metaverse that everyone is talking about is actually already in our lives. This virtual world just doesn't feel realistic enough. Technologies such as VR, AR and XR will guide us in the coming years to make this feel more realistic.”

“Can a strong product come out with the data Facebook collects?”

Emphasizing that the sense of realism should increase in order for Metaverse to enter our lives more, Küçük said that VR technologies should develop in order for this to increase.

“VR devices are not accessible enough. With VR becoming more accessible and VR/AR/XR technologies further developing, the metaverse may enter our lives more. The most positive effect in this regard is indisputably that Facebook, with its new name Meta, has taken a very serious step. This step not only draws the attention of game companies in this direction, but also raises the question of whether a product with a strong and realistic feeling can be produced with the data collected in this huge network of which almost every one of us is a member.”

“VR game studios don't get as much attention as mobile game studios yet”

The CEO of Game Factory, which supports more than 70 game studios, stated that the studios that develop VR games in Turkey have problems in reaching financial resources.

“There are many game studios in Turkey dealing with technologies such as VR and AR. Since these game studios appeal to a niche audience, they do not receive as much attention as mobile game studios, so they may experience problems in financing and support. As Game Factory, we provide and will continue to provide all kinds of support to Turkish game studios, including studios that develop VR games. At the end of the day, VR technology is very relevant to the gaming industry and the development of the metaverse.”

“There are online games where trades are made just like in the real world”

Saying that the Metaverse is a blockchain-based universe, Küçük said, “It is not right that only coins come to mind when blockchain is mentioned.” said.

“For now, the Metaverse seems to be a universe where blockchain technologies and units can work in harmony. When it comes to blockchain, it is definitely not the right approach to come to mind only with coins, but when we look realistically, the biggest reason for this situation is the trades to be made over the metaverse and the currency to be used.”

Stating that players trade in some online games just like in the real world, Küçük underlined that the trades that will take place in the metaverse are actually taking place right now.

“Trades that will be in the Metaverse are actually happening right now as well. Online games that we call simulation or role-playing games (such as WoW, New World) have already created an ecosystem, a market over their own currencies. Just as in the real world, in these worlds players can negotiate, trade, save, invest, and value their money. It is certain that this and similar activities will also happen in the metaverse. The fact that the currency in the metaverse is a decentralized token/coin, which can be exchanged for a real-world currency, can be an advantage for both companies and users.”

“We must provide appropriate education to children in order to be protected from the risks of the Metaverse”

Referring to how children can be protected from inappropriate content in the metaverse and the duties of families in this regard, Küçük said, “I don't find it right to look at the Internet with such fear.” said.

“First of all, I do not believe that the Internet is or can be completely safe for children in any way. Likewise, I don't think it's right to look at the internet with such fear. I also see a lot of unrealistic concerns, especially about games. Risks such as encountering sexually explicit or violent items can happen at any time, especially in social role-playing games like Roblox. Because in such games, you can communicate with anonymous characters at any time.”

According to Küçük, instead of restricting their children, families should give their children the education they give for the outside world by adapting it to the digital world.

“In order to protect our children from these risks, we need to raise them up-to-date instead of keeping them away from a great fun and creative tool like play. How to tell our kids 'Don't talk to strangers' in a timely manner. If it was said, we need to adapt this important education to our day. This should be a training not just in the game, but across the internet. "Be careful what you post on social media, don't share your location everywhere, don't reply if someone you don't know texts you." as. If this becomes one of the core training, we may find that many of the risks on the internet are more manageable and solvable.”

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