Global Award for Application Digitizing Mining Operations

Global award to the application that digitizes mining operations
Global award to the application that digitizes mining operations

📩 12/11/2021 12:20

Wipelot, which has signed innovative technologies in smart business solutions, returned with the first place in the RFID Journal 15 Awards, which was held for the 2021th time and where innovative projects in the field of RFID competed. Adding a new one to its awards in the field of Industrial IoT, Wipelot was selected as the best application in the "Best RFID Application (Other Industry)" category in the competition with the digitization and task distribution application of mining operations.

The RFID Journal 2021 awards, one of the most prestigious awards in the industry, organized by RFID Journal every year, found their owners for the 15th time. Award winners in the competition to highlight the best RFID applications in multiple industries; The innovative aspect of the applications was determined by the independent jury members, taking into account the contributions and benefits they bring to the companies.

Wipelot, the technology company that used the UWB (Ultra Wideband Technology) based mining task assignment application and surpassed all its competitors with the application made on behalf of the leading representative of the mining industry, won the first place in the competition held in Phoenix Arizona. The award-winning RTLS technology, which provides increased safety and efficiency in personnel and equipment management in mines, was developed as a result of R&D studies meticulously carried out by Wipelot's strong engineer team.

First UWB-based application to digitize mining operations

Wipelot CEO M. Rifat Ok, who stated that they have implemented many smart business solutions with the aim of increasing efficiency and quality in different fields of activity of the industry, made the following statements about the award they received: “We have experienced the difficulties and handicaps in this field closely with many projects we have carried out in the mining field so far. We have developed a project that will digitize these processes, taking into account different variables such as the inflexibility of the workplace, the complex structure of communication and asset management, and the difficulty of ensuring occupational health and safety. Our project, built on safety and efficiency, provides many benefits to our customers in their business processes. Beyond a standard asset tracking network, it digitizes and digitizes operations, offering privileges such as instant intervention, instant monitoring, and accurate data management. Another important feature of our project is that it is the first application made within the scope of digitization of the operation in the mine with UWB-based Active RFID… All these privileges brought us the first place in the RFID Journal 2021 Awards.”

Wipelot won the first prize in the "Best IoT DISTRIBUTION" category by RFID Journal in 2015, and the second prize in the "Best RFID APPLICATION" category in 2019 with its signaling project.

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