Decision Facilitating the Transformation of Licensed Buildings in Istanbul

Decision Facilitating the Transformation of Licensed Buildings in Istanbul
Decision Facilitating the Transformation of Licensed Buildings in Istanbul

IMM Assembly signed an important decision that will pave the way for the transformation of licensed buildings in Istanbul. With the unanimous decision, it was possible to reconstruct risky or destroyed buildings according to the number of floors in the zoning plan at the time they were built.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council (IMM) took an important decision to accelerate urban transformation efforts throughout the city at the second meeting of November meetings. The decision, which covers 28 districts in Istanbul, was taken unanimously by the council members.

In the parliament, the same decision was taken for 8 districts before. Kadıköy It is stated that the same plan notes have been prepared for the district of Istanbul and will soon be brought to the agenda of the IMM Assembly. The districts of Fatih and Adalar were excluded because they are protected areas, while the zoning plans in Esenyurt were canceled in line with the court decision. In the Bosphorus Zoning Law No. 2960, the buildings that remained in the front view were also excluded from the decision.

With the approval of the "Plan Note on Meri Nazım Zoning Plans and Risky Buildings", the way for the buildings to be reconstructed according to the zoning plan of the period was opened. Buildings on an area of ​​approximately 36 thousand hectares within the scope of 211 development plans in 300 districts of Istanbul will be able to benefit from the application.

In the decision, it is stated that “Conservation of the conditions of the zoning plan in force, if requested, for buildings that have been evacuated due to danger, demolished or to be demolished in the relevant administration, and for buildings with a Risky Structure Determination, license or occupancy permit certificate, within the scope of the Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk. provided that it is made according to the total construction area and the number of floors above the road level written in the licenses or permit documents.

By decision; parking lot, shelter and common areas are not included in the construction area. Buildings in the water basin or in the reinforcement area such as parks, schools, hospitals, roads and buildings that have been implemented in accordance with the Temporary Article 3194 of the Zoning Law No. 16 were excluded from the decision taken. It was also determined as a prerequisite that the application be made in line with the ground survey reports and taking the opinions of the institution.

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