'Bandırma Logistics Summit' Organized by BANÜ-DTLM

Bandırma Logistics Summit Organized by BANÜ-DTLM
Bandırma Logistics Summit Organized by BANÜ-DTLM

📩 17/11/2021 12:09

Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University Foreign Trade and Logistics Application and Research Center (BANÜDTLM) organized the "Bandırma Logistics Summit" with the participation of many national and regional participants.

The summit started with the opening program that took place at Bandırma Grand Asya Hotel on Friday, 12 November at 10.00:19. Vice President of the Summit Organizing Committee Prof. Dr. At the summit where Alpaslan Serel made the opening speech, then Rector Prof. Dr. Süleyman Özdemir made a speech. Rector Prof. Dr. In his speech, Süleyman Özdemir said, “We have witnessed how important the transportation of basic needs is due to the pandemic. In order to stop the disease during the pandemic process, many occupational groups have been closed in our country as well as everywhere else, but in such an environment, one of the rare sectors that continues together with the health sector has been the logistics sector. Covid-XNUMX has clearly demonstrated the importance of the logistics industry. We have an International Trade and Logistics Department at our university and it continues its activities to train a qualified workforce in its field. Again, our Foreign Trade and Logistics Application and Research Center carries out important studies on this subject. As a young and dynamic university, we focus on academic studies on the one hand, and on the other hand, such beneficial activities that bring together academicians and important names of the sector.” said.

Bandırma Mayor Atty. In his speech, Tolga Tosun said, “Bandırma is a city even in Greek mythology, it means a safe harbor. Being a port is very important for the development of the city. We are in an important place in terms of location. I think our university is very beneficial for our city. For this reason, we have made many cooperation agreements with Bandırma Onyedi Eylül University, and we continue to do so. We are aware of the importance of Bandırma Logistics Summit for our region and country. Thank you to everyone involved.” said.

The last speech of the opening program was given by Bandırma District Governor Engin Aksakal. Aksakal said, “The concept of logistics enters our lives more and more every day. We are in a location where the importance of this concept can be fully felt. The more the activities carried out by our university can be transferred to the representatives of the sector, the more it contributes. Our university is important not only in terms of today's summit, but also with all the contributions it will offer in every sense. I would like to thank our university and sector managers for making such important organizations possible.” he spoke.

Following the opening speeches, Serdar Çatakçı, Head of the Department of Strategy and Budget, Transport and Logistics of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, made the opening presentation.

Çatakçı, in his presentation that he shared numerical data on land, sea, air and railway transportation of our country, included modernization studies on urban transportation and supported it with visual elements, said, “Our country is in a very good position in terms of location. It is located in a key area. Currently, we have a road-oriented transportation strategy as a country. But we will change it and revise it in the new development plan. It is very important to increase our efficiency on the sea route and to carry out infrastructure and modernization works on the railway. We will focus on these studies.” said.

Arkas Logistics Chairman and CEO Onur Göçmez, UND Board Member Ersan Keleş and UTIKAD Universities Focus Group Coordinator Yüksel Kahraman also attended the summit program as keynote speakers. The speakers, who shared detailed information on the logistics industry and the rise of the industry in the pandemic process, especially focused on the concept of "green logistics" and shared their work on this issue.

During the two-day summit, the Friday program continued with sessions on “The Importance of Bandırma for Logistics and Future Perspective” and “Logistics Profession and Education”. In the program on Saturday, face-to-face sessions titled “Next Generation Logistics Applications and Digitalization: The Case of Container Transport”, “Development of the Port Industry in Turkey and Sectoral Practices”, “Current Problems in Logistics and Solution Suggestions” and “Supply Chain Management After Covid'19” was carried out.

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