YKS Additional Placement Results Announced

yks additional placement results announced
yks additional placement results announced

ÖSYM announced that the results of the 2021- Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) additional placement have been announced. After the results of the YKS additional preferences, which were followed closely by the university candidates who could not be placed in the first preferences, the eyes were turned to the registration dates. Those who are entitled to register with additional preference results will be able to register on October 4-7. How will YKS Additional Preference Results be Queryed? When are YKS Additional Preference Registrations? How Many YKS Dam Score?

After the YKS additional preference procedures in September, the wait for results ended today and the candidates got their YKS placement results. Although additional placements have been completed, vacant places remain in many universities.

How will YKS Additional Preference Results be Queryed?

The statement made by ÖSYM is as follows; Results of our candidates result.osym.gov.tr They can learn from our page and from our OSYM AIS mobile application.

When are YKS Additional Preference Registrations?

According to the YKS supplementary preference guide published by ÖSYM, the registration procedures of the candidates who are entitled to enroll in a program will be carried out by universities between 4-7 October 2021.

Additional Placement Will Continue

OSYM President Prof. Dr. Halis Aygün shared on his Twitter page for the additional preference of YKS in the past weeks. Aygun's statements are as follows;

“After the registration of the candidates who will be placed according to the results of the first additional placement, the second additional placement process will be started for the vacant quotas that will be determined.

In the second additional placement, candidates who cannot be placed in the general placement and first additional placement, candidates with a TYT score of at least 140 and candidates with a minimum AYT/YDT score of 170 will be able to choose.

How Many YKS Dam Score?

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan announced the decision regarding the YKS on his social media account. Erdogan used the following statements;

*I want to give good news to my younger brothers. Our Higher Education Council has decided to make an additional placement in addition to the central and additional placement in the 2021 YKS preference process. In this additional additional placement, the threshold score will be 140 in TYT and 170 in AYT and YDT.

* With this important change, I hope that the university selection process will be beneficial for all our brothers. As the People's Alliance, we will continue to stand by our youth. (SPOKESMAN)

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