Benefits of Jerusalem artichoke

benefits of ground diamond
benefits of ground diamond

Dietician Hülya Çağatay gave information about the subject. Metabolism is what we hear frequently today. sözcüis now a frightening thing in our lives. sözcüstarted to be. The biggest reason for this is our basal metabolism, which is ready to slow down over time due to many reasons. The best way to speed this up is to consume lots of Jerusalem artichokes!

Basal metabolism is the energy that our body spends even in sleep without any movement. Basal metabolism, which is doomed to decrease due to hormonal reasons, inactivity or age, is one of the main reasons we start to gain weight.


Another reason for the decrease in metabolic rate, which decreases with age, is the decrease in 25-keto level, which plays a role in the body's metabolic rate from the age of 30-7. This substance is a metabolism accelerator found in the human body, but the amount decreases with age. Jerusalem artichoke, which is an excellent source of this substance, which is also available for purchase from outside, is abundant in vegetable aisles.


This vegetable, which has never entered the kitchens of some families, is actually quite delicious. Children should also be accustomed to this delicacy. It has a taste that appeals to the palate when it is prepared with both olive oil and minced meat. Jerusalem artichoke is a food rich in 7-keto and plays a serious role as a metabolism support when consumed 1-2 times a week.


The best cooking method for yams may be an olive oil vegetable dish with plenty of onions and celery. Consumption 2-3 times a week will be very beneficial both in terms of the mineral vitamins it contains and because it is a vegetable, it will positively affect your vegetable consumption.

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