Windows 11 Released: How To Install Windows 11, Is Windows 11 Free?

Windows 11
Windows 11

After Windows 11 was introduced in the past months, it was officially released for all users. Windows 11 brings a whole new look and many upgrades for work and play. Those with a Windows 10 license will be able to download Windows 11 for free.

How is Windows 11 different from Windows 10?

Windows 11 offers all the power and security of Windows 10 with a brand new design and a refreshed look. Its difference from Windows 10 is that it is faster than ram base and It also comes with all new tools, sounds and apps. Every detail has been considered. They all come together to give you a whole new experience on your PC.

Windows 11 Released: How To Install Windows 11, Is Windows 11 Free?

Software giant Microsoft has launched Windows 11, which offers a major redesign with many new features. Windows 11, which will have a new look, is now available as a built-in for many latest generation Windows 10 devices. You can check if your computer is eligible for a free Windows 11 upgrade by going to and downloading the PC Health Check app.

How to Install Windows 11?

Completely free for those with a Windows 10 license. Windows 11 has now been shipped to next-gen devices, and is expected to ship to all compatible devices by mid-2022.

The Windows 11 update can be accessed as follows;

  • from your computer START Click here.
  • SettingsSign in.
  • Update and Security Click the option.
  • in the menu on the left. Windows Update enter the menu.
  • If your computer supports it, you will see Windows 11 available for download on the screen in front of you.

If your system does not support it, “This computer does not currently meet all system requirements for Windows 11..” A warning may appear.

  • After performing the download, follow the instructions as Windows update and complete the installation.

Welcome to the New Design with Windows 11!

Windows 11 will have a new look designed to be more attractive but also more user-friendly. The new operating system will have a new Start button placed in the center where you will be able to see your latest files, documents and applications.

The new Windows 11 also includes rounded corners and a fluid taskbar to make apps look fresher. There's also a new dark mode that highlights content with new colors and transitions.

Windows 11 introduces an entirely new selection of Widgets powered by Microsoft Edge. These widgets can help you check your calendar, weather, news, to-do list, photos and more at a glance.

Widgets provide a stream of information that you can customize, and you can decide how you want it to appear on your desktop. Depending on what you want, you can have the Widgets scroll to cover part or all of your desktop.

Windows 11 has a number of tweaks to go into, especially when it comes to touch. For example, more space between icons on the touch bar makes it easier to tap the right thing. To that end, Microsoft is adding larger touch targets while adding visual cues aimed at helping you resize and move windows more easily.

The onscreen keyboard is both redesigned and customizable. If you use a pen or stylus to interact with your Windows 11 machine, you can expect improved tactility that sounds and feels like you're using a real pen.

Windows 11 will also feature enhanced voice recognition for text input, with Microsoft promising more accurate voice-to-text transcription and automatic punctuation. Voice commands such as “delete this” are also supported while in a document.

Windows 11 now lets you customize different desktops with their own wallpapers. So you can have a desktop for work, home, school or play, each with its own apps and look.

With Windows 11, Microsoft is redesigning the Microsoft Store, making it faster and easier to find the apps you're looking for. It has been announced that Android apps will be available directly for Windows 11.

Windows 11 System Requirements

Processor: 1 gigahertz (GHz) or faster, 2 or more cores, compatible 64-bit processor or System-on-Chip (SoC)

  • Memory: 4 GB RAM
  • Storage: 64GB or larger storage device
  • Graphics card: DirectX 12 compatible graphics / WDDM 2.x
  • Screen: Larger than 9 inches, HD Resolution (720p)

Internet connection: Microsoft account and internet connection required for Windows 11 Home installation.

Windows 11 Features

  • HDR games
  • Android apps can be sold on the Microsoft store
  • New design
  • Faster system (updates will be 10% smaller than Windows 40)
  • Brand New Windows Widgets
  • Tablet mode

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