French Star of Wes Anderson's New Movie Citroen

French Star of Wes Anderson's New Movie Citroen
French Star of Wes Anderson's New Movie Citroen

As part of the artistic collaboration for Wes Anderson's new film, Citroën models Traction and Type H star. As the Oscar-nominated producer's The French Dispatch takes place through the streets of a typical French town, other Citroën models make their mark.

Oscar-nominated and visionary filmmaker Wes Anderson's new film The French Post brings to life the stories in the latest issue of the American magazine of the same name, published in a fictional 20th-century French town. The story takes place in the fictional town of Ennui-sur-Blasé, which has evoked France over the years. In the lead role of the movie, two French stars Citroën Type H and Traction models.

“All based on reference”

Wes Anderson, the producer of the French Post, emphasized that every detail in the film was brought to life through extensive studies and research, and said, “Everything such as the visual basis of the film, costumes, sets, is based on research. Although it was created as a fantasy element, it is basically all based on a reference.” An artistic collaboration with Citroën is evident throughout the film. It is emphasized that the team visited the Citroën Conservatory before the shooting started and helped determine the models that best fit the story, especially Traction and Type H. Different models such as other Citroën models C2 CV, Ami 6, DS and GS are also displayed on the streets of the typical French town where the whole movie takes place.

Anime car tracking with Traction

The plot of the film develops after the death of the editor of the American magazine French Post, distributed in the French town of Ennui-sur-Blasé, after which it is named, as a team of writers came together to write his obituary. The boss's memories are told through the four stories that make up the movie, including "The Police Commissioner's Private Dining Room." This part of the movie is based on crime novels set in France in the 30s, 40s and 50s. At a crucial moment, real-life footage is replaced by French comics and animation reminiscent of the town where it was filmed, Angoulême, also known as the Cartoon Capital of France. The car chase takes place with Traction, the symbolic car of that period.

Citroën and cinema

Continuing to maintain its popularity for more than a century, Citroën has always existed in cinema, taking part in many famous scenes with all its models throughout history. In the long list of the brand, at the beginning of some movies that broke box office records in the world and featuring Citroën models; 1981 CV 2 models from the movie Only for Your Eyes (007); (specially produced for the film celebrating its 40th anniversary this year), DS in Back to the Future II (1989); DS and 2 CVs kissing on the river Seinne in the famous animated movie (Cars 2) Cars 2011 (2); “Life in Water” (2004) and finally Wes Anderson's Citroën.

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