Urla İskele Mahallesi is now more beautiful!

urla pier neighborhood is more beautiful now
urla pier neighborhood is more beautiful now

Urla Municipality continues its works for a livable Urla throughout the district. In this context, road construction works on streets and avenues by the teams of the Directorate of Science Affairs continue without slowing down.

Approximately 15 thousand square meters of stone pavement and border application work was carried out in the Iskele Quarter, especially on the streets used by the citizens intensively during the summer months. With the arrival of winter, granite gutter laying work was carried out in order to prevent possible floods. In addition, the capacity of the car park next to URİT Restaurant was increased and a new car park was built in the empty area next to Tanju Okan Park. With the work done, the parking problem in the region has been solved to a large extent.

Stating that the works will continue at every point of Urla without slowing down, Urla Mayor v. District Governor Murtaza Dayanc; “We continue our work by taking into account the demands of our people. We will work non-stop to make the life of our citizens easier and to make our town even more beautiful. We live in a very special town. Urla; It is one of the most important cities of our country with its culture, history, nature and gastronomy. We are aware of this and we carry out our work in this context.”

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