Technological Solutions That Reduce Production, Tracking and Labor Costs

Technological solutions that reduce production tracking and labor costs
Technological solutions that reduce production tracking and labor costs

There are many smart business solutions used with the aim of increasing work efficiency and quality in different fields of activity of the industry. In particular, smart solutions that come into play to ensure operational standards, reduce occupational safety risks, and gain labor and time, succeed in optimizing business processes without human influence. The first of these is the Real Time Location System (RTLS), which is called RTLS for short; It provides a great advantage to many business lines of the industry in detecting, tracking and managing the locations of assets, people and inventories in businesses. Wipelot, which has pioneered technologies in smart business solutions, supports companies to grow and gain competitive advantage on a global scale by optimizing their business processes with RTLS technologies.

With the development of industry and technology, intensive mechanization, especially in production, increase in the number of assets and difficulties in ensuring the occupational safety of the employees necessitate more qualified solutions in this field. There is a need for effective tracking of people and assets in production sites to both increase efficiency and safety and reduce costs. Manual monitoring and follow-up processes cause a serious loss of time and increase the risk of errors. Wipelot, which stepped in at this stage and is a leading technology company in smart business solutions, improves processes by automating the follow-up at work sites with real-time monitoring technologies.

Monitoring, tracking and management processes can be done instantly

Wipelot, which enables the implementation of processes such as the tracking and control of employees and equipment, visitor monitoring, and asset/asset management via wireless methods, provides location-based monitoring of asset information with RTLS solutions. Thanks to RTLS-based asset and personnel tracking technologies developed by Wipelot, businesses; While effectively managing maintenance, repair costs and resources allocated to personnel, it also collects important data from the working environment. These systems, which help companies make more accurate decisions through collected data, play a decisive role in helping businesses become better equipped to optimize their operations.

Maximizes workplace safety

Wipelot RTLS solutions, which make production sites smart with its strong infrastructure, provide real-time monitoring of the status and location of those who work in risky jobs or who work alone. These systems, which provide the opportunity to be aware of the status of employees in all environments with high risk, from shipyards to mines, also minimize errors and security vulnerabilities. In this way, the system, which facilitates better coordination in emergency situations, contributes to the development of workplace safety standards.

Pinpoint RTLS solutions for each industry's own needs

Wipelot RTLS technology, which can be used in the automotive, health, petrochemical, military, production, aviation sectors where complex business processes are dominant, especially in mining, construction and industry, and wherever occupational safety is required, offers point-to-point solutions to meet the different needs of the sectors. For example, with the Smart Mining System developed specifically for mining, it perfectly establishes all the safety standards required in mining sites. With its award-winning signaling system, Wipelot enables the vehicle traffic inside and outside the mine to be controlled, thus helping to prevent accidents while increasing the number of daily vehicle passes and increasing efficiency.

Monitoring of business processes becomes easier with minimal hardware and cost-effectiveness.

Wipelot RTLS solutions can be installed quickly thanks to wireless infrastructure technology. These solutions, powered by technologies that make a difference, such as cloud-based remote management system and retrospective data management, offer the qualified methods required by the industry with the least possible hardware and cost-effectiveness. SafeZone, the forklift collision avoidance system of Wipelot, can be integrated with the equipment on the vehicles and personnel, without the need for any equipment or with very little additional hardware and software support, depending on the volume of demand. The company also offers solutions such as motorized and non-motorized equipment and personnel tracking systems, as well as special technologies such as the Lone Worker, an occupational safety system developed for those working alone and in risky areas, and the Social Distance Tracking and Warning System implemented during the pandemic period. It can be applied to facilities without a different infrastructure and extra cost.

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