Uraloğlu Speaks at the Future of Mobility Session

uraloğlu spoke at the session on the future of mobility
uraloğlu spoke at the session on the future of mobility

General Manager of Highways Abdulkadir Uraloğlu, who participated in the Future of Mobility and New Generation Transportation Session held at the 12th Transport and Communication Council, talked about the infrastructure works carried out to regulate all vehicle traffic along with the diversified use of vehicles in heavily used road transportation.

Uraloğlu stated that they predict that the share of autonomous vehicles will reach the level of 2030% by 55 and that there will be a total of 66% of autonomous vehicle use. He said that the process will progress from Level 6 to automation-assisted driver control, automation-assisted to the level where steering control is left, uncontrolled driving under specified conditions, high automation and full automation.

Uraloğlu also gave information about the future infrastructure requirements for mobilete trends; He stated that as Highways, they made infrastructure investments by taking into account where all kinds of facilities and regulations regarding communication, electrification, road superstructure and geotechnical and drainage road superstructures are in the legislation and standardization, and they are trying to transform the existing roads within this framework.

Explaining that the asset size of the road network of the highway is 105 billion dollars, the General Manager said that with our country's geographically beautiful location, we have 13 thousand kilometers of international road network and a 56-hour flight distance to 4 countries, we can address 1,5 billion people, and the General Directorate of Highways. He added that it has an important function.

Uraloğlu, who also shared the data of the Covit-19 epidemic and mobility survey, which was carried out last year for urban traffic mobility, in which the transportation mobility on the road increased; He evaluated that the share of highways is around 90 percent and that the load on the back of the highways should be transferred to the railway and seaway.

Emphasizing that they demonstrated the safe system approach in the studies, Uraloğlu said; While expressing that they continue to work under the headings of safe roads, roadsides, speed, vehicle and road users and set targets accordingly, not only roads, rumble strip application ranks first in each of the short, medium and long term targets for the future, especially in the Highway Sector Report. He stated that the result of his purchase was an important touch in this sense.

Uraloğlu, describing the objectives and current works related to traffic safety, improving the institutional structure and reducing the accidents, said that they are obliged not only to build roads but also to take good care of them. that they provide all kinds of information and guidance through social networks, written and visual media; they have commissioned implementation projects for decision support and information management systems; that they are working to collect all system data and move to the correct management application; announced that they have established R&D studies and fiber networks for autonomous vehicles.

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