Best Paypal Alternative Online Payment Services in Turkey

best paypal alternative online payment services in turkey
best paypal alternative online payment services in turkey

After the PayPal online and international payment company withdrew from Turkey, everyone started to turn to new alternatives to fill the gap in this area. While some of these companies were Turkish companies, some of them were foreign companies trying to fill the place of Pay Pal in the international arena. Here are some of them…

BKM Express

BKM Express, which has a structure similar to PayPal's payment and working system, is one of the companies that allows you to make fast and reliable payments via your credit cards or debit cards. Working under the name of Interbank Card Center, the company can be used via IOS and Android applications. The firm works in agreement with 18 banks in Turkey.

Web money

Web Money, which is one of the companies that have started to attract attention in Turkey recently, allows you to make deposits and withdrawals through the ID defined for you. Individual and corporate transactions are carried out reliably with this system.

Enpara, Finansbank's internet payment and withdrawal system, can be used in mobile applications. Monthly payments of important brands, especially App Store and Google application payments, are made from this application without account maintenance fee.


Skrill, an online money transfer system, can also be used for online shopping. Money transfers are made reliably through the ID number. Since it has a Mastercard feature, it is also advantageous to use it as a debit card.


Wirecard, which can be used as a prepaid card as well as credit and debit card features, has a virtual card feature. Since it has agreements with many companies in Turkey, it can be used easily over the internet.


Prepared as a domestic payment system, İninal can be used for online shopping and online money transfers. The cost of getting this card is very low. You can use it as a prepaid card by adding money to the card.


Produced by Mastercard, this online payment system is an international card that can be used in 70 different currencies. Individual or corporate money can be sent both nationally and internationally, both quickly and inexpensively, through this system.

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