A New Brand Is Coming to Turkish Civil Aviation, Easy Avia Gets License from DHMI

A new brand is born in Turkish civil aviation
A new brand is born in Turkish civil aviation

Easy Avia brand, which started its services under the umbrella of Easy Group companies, will accelerate its activities in five different airports by obtaining the Airport Ground Services Group C Representation License from the General Directorate of State Airports on 11/10/21.

Hakvar Tourism LTD. by Onur Gökhan Hakvar, who has been working in the agency sector since 1999. STI. Easy Ticket and Travel brand, which started its activities as a city office in Şişli for the first time with its commercial name, opened its first airport office in Atatürk Airport in 2016 and started to make a name for itself in the tourism sector. SAW office opened in March 2019, IST office in April and ESB office in November of the same year.

He accelerated his work by obtaining the C group license. kazannagged

It has accelerated its work by obtaining the C group license with the Easy Avia brand in its rapidly growing and expanding stations. kazansmack; It will continue its negotiations with scheduled, charter, cargo and private aircraft companies in the sector. Thanks to the license it holds, it has been authorized to meet all the representation processes and demands of airlines at all stations, especially at Istanbul and Sabiha Gökçen Airports.

5 different squares, 16 offices

The Easy Ticket and Travel brand, which currently continues its activities as 5 offices in 16 different squares, continues its services by taking its place in 2 squares with 2 BJV and 5 ADB offices opened in February, while many airlines and sales agencies have decided to close offices during the pandemic period.

The company, which, as Easy Group companies, has increased its quality by branding each service branch separately and offered the brands Easy Ticket and Travel, Easy Avia, Easy Go, Easy Visa as a whole with the integrated service perception, stated that they will take part in very large projects in terms of aviation in the future. Stating that they are still in the contract phase with more than one company, especially the major flag carriers, the company officials said that they understood the demands and needs of the airlines much better during the pandemic process and that the crisis was a solution. kazan-kazan He said they turned it into an opportunity.

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