Body Search Detector and X Ray Devices

top search detector and x-ray devices
top search detector and x-ray devices

What is body search detector system?

What is the top search detector system

Body search detectors are the device that detects whether there is metal on the person passing through it and helps us to scan with the sound and the led lights on the side arms.

It is also called as door detector in the market. Thanks to the feet on its side, it divides the human body into equal parts and at which point there is metal, the led lights turn on and give a signal. Handheld detectors, which are mostly integrated with body search detectors, allow us to find the metal on the person by sensitively scanning the person passing through the height detector.

KAPI detector A significant part of the usage areas detects the danger in advance and detects objects such as weapons, bombs and knives on the person and gives a chance to intervene quickly.



What are door authorization toggle devices?

Door authorization access control systems are a technological security automation used to prevent the entrance of those who are authorized to enter the agreed areas and those who are not authorized to enter. With this automation, it allows people with entry permission to pass by pre-determined. This widely used system is very simple to use.

The products used in door authorization systems are products that are compatible with indoor and outdoor use, and that security and technology are kept at the highest level. Password door lock The primary purpose of the devices is to control the entrances and exits of foreigners and to make the place safe.

What are the features of the door authorization pass system?

The most distinctive feature of the door authorization pass systems is to create a safe passage at the entrances and exits with its stylish design. It can be used in workplaces, plazas, pharmaceutical warehouses, banks, state public institutions and organizations and in all regions where similar authorization can be made. Door authorization is done by using face recognition, fingerprint card and encrypted products together. Software is used for this authorization. With this software used, the persons to be authorized are registered.


What do hotel door lock systems consist of?

Hotel door lock systems are mostly used in the tourism sector, and if necessary, they can be used in harmony with many areas such as office room plazas.

It is a system that prevents the formation of the key system used in the tourism sector and the problems brought by this system. Hotel Door lock The devices are battery operated door locks that do not require any infrastructure.

This technology, which emerged as a result of the protection instinct that has arisen due to the trust problem in today's society, has provided the expected response. Hotel card system, which is used as a security measure in different areas in all businesses, including small-scale and large-scale, is a security procedure today.

Hotel door locks, which will adapt to the technological developments to be experienced, will provide eye comfort in your business by adding elegance to the environment with its technological appearance and modern design.


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