Nail Tumors Can Be Confused With Nail Fungus

nail tumors can be confused with nail fungus
nail tumors can be confused with nail fungus

Pink and smooth nails represent beauty and health. Various diseases or diseases of the nail itself can cause deterioration of this structure of the nail. Nail tumors are among these diseases. Commonly seen nail fungus can be confused with nail tumors, which can cause delay in treatment. Professor from Memorial Şişli and Ataşehir Hospitals Department of Dermatology. Dr. Necmettin Akdeniz gave information about nail tumors and treatment methods.

Nerve cells that provide the sense of touch are densely located in the fingertips. Nails are supportive in the holding function and have an important protective function for the tips of the fingers and toes. Nail tumors are benign or malignant masses that occur in the nail and nail bed. Most nail tumors are benign. Some of the nail tumors can be seen more frequently in the hands and some in the feet. It occurs especially in the feet and thumbs. Benign (benign tumors) and malignant (cancers) tumors can affect the nail and cause changes in the structure and color of the nail. Benign nail tumors; myxoid tumors, glomus tumors, pyogenic granulomas, onychomatricoma and onychopapilloma tumors. Malignant nail tumors are Bowen's disease, squamous cell carcinoma and malignant melanoma.

Nail tumor often confused with nail fungus

Nail tumors are often confused with nail fungus. In nail fungus, the nail turns yellow-white, thickens and deteriorates in its structure. Nail tumors that cannot be diagnosed correctly can be thought of as nail fungus and fungal treatment can be applied for a long time. Treatment of a nail tumor, which is considered as nail fungus and treated in this direction, at an early stage may also be delayed.

Sun rays are among the most important causes

As with other skin cancers, the most important cause of nail tumors is sunlight. Other causes of nail tumor include chronic traumas, chemical exposures, radiation treatments, immunosuppressive lymphoma, types of cancer such as leukemia, and drugs that affect the immune system such as chemotherapy and infections (AIDS). Apart from these reasons, the possibility of cancer should be considered in all kinds of chronic wounds and bleeding.

It is noticed by the deterioration of the structure of the nail

Nail tumors can give symptoms as deformities such as cracking, thickening, breakage in the nail structure and shape, masses under the nail and swelling. In malignant tumors, swelling and bleeding under the nail may occur along with color changes in the nail. The nail plate, nail bed and black or brown discoloration around the nail and its spread and non-healing sores are also among the symptoms of malignant nail tumors.

Tumor is surgically removed

The diagnosis of nail tumor is made by examination, dermoscopic examination and, if necessary, nail biopsy. A dermatologist can usually determine whether there is a nail tumor after the examination and dermoscopic examination with a dermoscope. In cases where cancer is suspected, nail and subnail biopsy is performed to confirm the diagnosis and the tumor is removed by surgical methods as soon as possible.

Nail cancer, which is detected late, can even spread to internal organs.

Nail tumors are often treated surgically. The area where the tumor is located is anesthetized with local anesthesia and surgical procedures suitable for the tumor are performed. Nail tumors can be treated by curettage, by burning with electrocautery or by radiotherapy. Although the type of tumors varies, surgical treatment of tumors is often the most successful treatment approach. While benign or malignant tumors can be easily treated in the early period and undeveloped, nail cancer that is detected late can spread and even spread to the internal organs.

Delayed detection of nail tumors can lead to amputation of that finger or joint. For this reason, checking the changes in the nail by a specialist and regular doctor examinations are among the best measures to be taken against nail cancer.

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