Tips for Healthy Hair

Tips For Healthy Hair
Tips For Healthy Hair

The first step to having healthy hair is regular and adequate nutrition, quality sleep and stress control. One of the experts of, Uzm. Dr. Belma Türsen shares her tips for achieving healthy and shiny hair.

Of course, it is the dream of all of us to have healthy, long-lasting and shiny hair… Genetic inheritance is important for beautiful hair, but we also have a big job to do. One of the experts of, Uzm. Dr. Belma Türsen reminds that in order to have healthy hair, it is necessary to pay attention to regular and adequate nutrition, quality sleep and stress control. Proteins, amino acids, essential fatty acids, vitamins and minerals in foods are the building blocks for hair. Zinc, iron, selenium, copper, biotin and other B group vitamins, vitamins A, E, D and C are beneficial both in hair growth and in reducing shedding. Stating that seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts, meat, yoghurt and especially eggs are great foods that contain all vitamins and minerals, Uzm. Dr. Türsen recommends that these foods be consumed every day unless otherwise stated. exp. Dr. Türsen underlines that since smoking impairs the blood circulation in the scalp, it prevents the hair from being nourished, and therefore it should not be consumed or consumed less.

Shampoo and creams that are not suitable for your hair type can cause hair loss.

Stating that frequent washing can both dry the hair and disrupt the natural flora of the scalp, it can sensitize the skin and trigger shedding. Dr. Türsen said, “If there is no other situation, do not wash your hair every other day. Shampoo and conditioners that are not suitable for your hair type can also cause shedding. If the hair and skin are oily, we can achieve less shedding and comfortable hair with shampoos suitable for this situation. If the hair ends are dry, we can combat this dryness with reliable hair care sprays and serums. It is necessary to cut the ends of the hair every 6 to 8 weeks and not to collect it for a long time by squeezing it too much. Sometimes, your hair may fall out after surgery, psychological traumas, heavy diets, thyroid disease, liver and kidney disease, iron deficiency anemia. We cannot fight these spills with only oral foods and vitamins. In such cases, it may be necessary to use hip injection treatments, hair remover and anti-shedding sprays applied to the scalp for a long time and regularly.

A successful method in hair loss: PRP treatment

Stating that PRP treatment and mesotherapy are also very rational and effective methods in hair loss, Uzm. Dr. Türsen underlines that such treatments will be applied with needles in accordance with the scalp and at certain intervals, for a certain period of time, and the time and session intervals for everyone to recover will differ according to the needs of the person. exp. Dr. Türsen explains the PRP treatment as follows: “PRP, which has been widely used in recent years and is a successful form of treatment, is prepared with the blood taken from the patient and shows its effect in a very short time. Our platelets, called platelets, contain very valuable growth factors. From these factors, golden liquid is obtained, which increases the nutrition, repair, growth and thickness of the hair and stops shedding, and is injected into the scalp. Moreover, it is from you to you, so it is very natural and reliable.”

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