Temsa Continues to Make a Difference to Remove Barriers in Career

Temsa Continues to Make a Difference to Remove Barriers in Career
Temsa Continues to Make a Difference to Remove Barriers in Career

The “Accessibility” theme for the first time in Turkey, the “Accessible Career Summit” was held online, hosted by Engelsizkariyer.com. At the summit, where TEMSA was also among its supporters, international successful practices that pioneered the transformation were shared, along with the concepts of inclusion and accessibility in HR.

Standing out with its exemplary social responsibility efforts in this field, TEMSA shared important information on the transformation it created with the project “We Removed Barriers in Career” and in the field of accessibility, which completed its 7th year at the summit. TEMSA, which has realized numerous projects with the We Removed Barriers in Career Project, is the first in Turkey to receive the "Best Employer Awareness Award", "Handicapped-Free Turkey Award", "Handicapped People Can Look With Confidence" and "Disabled Friendly Company" for its successful work. is the brand.

TEMSA, which has carried out numerous projects with the “We Removed Barriers in Career” project, which it started with the cooperation of İŞKUR and Çukurova University in 2014, continues to make a difference with the support it gives to social responsibility activities within this scope.

TEMSA participated in the "Accessibility" theme organized by Engelsizkariyer.com, Turkey's national disability employment consultancy agency, for the first time in Turkey. described his work.

The summit, which was held online in order to bring the importance of the concepts of inclusion and accessibility in HR to the business world, brought together the leading companies of the sector and professionals from different parts of the world.

'Accessibility' should be considered broadly

Erhan Özel, Deputy General Manager of Human Resources at TEMSA, who took part as a speaker at the Summit, pointed out that 15 percent of the world population and 13 percent of the population of Turkey are made up of disabled individuals and said, “We need to attach more importance to an awareness movement that we will start from the business world and spread to the general public. and we need to increase the focus on this issue more. The time has come to change your perspective on disability. Now, the issue of Accessibility should be evaluated in every field and solutions should be produced.”

Emphasizing that the Wheelchair figure, which is used as a common symbol for 'Accessibility' around the world, should be replaced with a more positive symbol, Özel said, “I think we should eliminate this discrimination. Accessibility is an issue that needs to be addressed in many areas such as architecture, technology, digital, communication and transportation. On the other hand, I think that this issue should be evaluated holistically in terms of art, sports, business life and social life.”

We want to create inspiring success stories

Pointing out that the scope of the “We Removed Barriers in Career” project has grown and expanded, Özel continued as follows: “The most important aim of our project was to show that the disability is not an obstacle for career, to change the perspective on the employment of the disabled and to raise awareness in the social sense. In this context, our biggest goal is to create equal opportunities for all disadvantaged groups, to allow them to write their own success stories and to help them inspire others.

I think that this project, which was started in the field of human resources, is a very important step of awareness in terms of social transformation. It is our duty to eliminate the prejudice and discrimination faced by disabled people in education, work and social life, and to provide opportunities for disabled people to show that they are individuals who add value in all areas of life when given opportunities. We are very pleased with the impact of our project, which has been going on for 7 years, and the point it has reached. But we still have a long way to go.”

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