Table Olive Exports Exceeded 150 Million Dollars

Table Olive Exports Exceeded Million Dollars
Table Olive Exports Exceeded Million Dollars

In the export of table olives, the 2020/21 season has left behind with a new record. Turkey has passed the 150 million dollar threshold for the first time in its history in table olive exports.

The olive tree, which is defined as the immortal tree whose homeland is Anatolia, offered 2020 thousand tons of table olives to humanity in the 21/430 season, despite global warming.

The Turkish olive industry exports 430 tons of the 88 thousand tons of table olive harvest and brings 430 million 150 thousand dollars of foreign currency to our country. kazannagged.

In Turkey, in the 2019/20 season; 84 tons of table olive exports, in return for foreign exchange income earned 417 million dollars.

While black olives were 67 thousand 90 tons and 114 million 247 thousand dollars in table olive exports, green olive exports showed a performance of 21 thousand 305 tons and 35,8 million dollars in foreign currency income.

Turkey after 2002. kazanAegean Olive and Olive Oil Exporters' Association President Davut Er, who stated that 90 million olive trees that he produces are among the fruit-bearing trees, and that they expect the olive harvest to increase every year, said that they have hints that the table olive and olive oil harvest will be higher than previous years in the 2021-22 season, although it has not been announced. He emphasized that they aim to export 2021 thousand tons of table olives in the /22 season.

Producer support premiums should be increased

Pointing out that the effects of global warming have been felt severely in recent years, President Er said, “There have been astronomical increases in all input costs, especially the important cost items of the olive producer, fertilizer, medicine and fuel. In order for our producers to take care of their trees, the premiums given to our producers should be increased to 3 TL for olive oil and 75 kurus for grain olives," he said.

While Germany ranks first in Turkey's black olive exports with an amount of 33,5 million dollars, we exported 18,8 million dollars of black olives to Iraq. In the export of table olives, to Romania, one of the traditional export markets; We managed to export 17,7 million dollars of black olives. US $ 8 million, Bulgaria; He demanded 7,1 million dollars of Turkish black olives.

While Germany did not leave the first place with a demand of 8,8 million dollars in green olive exports, Iraq followed Germany with a green olive demand of 7,1 million dollars. The USA took the third place of the summit with 3 million 75 thousand dollars of Turkish green olive imports.

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