Samsun Exports 95 percent of Yurt Defense Production to 68 Countries

Samsun exports a percent of its homeland defense production to the country.
Samsun exports a percent of its homeland defense production to the country.

According to the "Turkey's Top 1000 Exporters 2020 Prestige Book" prepared by the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), the total exports of the companies that were in the top 1000 last year reached $92,6 billion last year. Samsun Yurt Defense, which exports 95 percent of its production to 68 countries, achieved an export income of 2019 million dollars with an increase of 126 percent compared to 49.8, and became 600th in the ranking by jumping 368 places at once.

The "27 Prestige Book of Turkey's Top 61 Exporters" prepared by TIM, which represents 95 sectors, 1000 exporters' associations and more than 2020 thousand exporters, was met with great interest this year, as in previous years. In a challenging year like 2020, in which the pandemic played a leading role, Turkish exporters continue to produce despite all the restrictions; The success of CANiK, which is one of the important brands of the Turkish defense industry in the field of weapons, weapon accessories, weapon system design and production, and Samsun Yurt Savunma (SYS) was impressive. SYS, which allocates 95% of its total production to exports, carried out export sales in different regions and countries such as the USA, South America, Africa, Pakistan, and the European Union last year, pushing the company up 600 steps in the ranking, while increasing its export revenues by 126 percent. increased by the rate.

Branding ability reflected in exports

Didem Aral, SYS Foreign Trade Manager and Member of the Board of Directors, said that they are proud of the success they have achieved in the TİM report ranking, and that this success is a team effort and that they have created an ecosystem that works in harmony with each other in a very serious way as SYS.

Stating that the most important factor in being successful in exporting is selling the right product to the right market at the right price and with quality, Aral pointed out that in addition to being able to see the future projection and assessing daily needs, creating future strategies and branding are the most important building blocks of exports. “We fucked it up. We have had an important place in the world market with the TP9 since 2012, and we also strengthened our branding with the Mecanik and CANiK accessory program. We continue on our way with CANiK Stores and CANiK Academy," Aral said, adding that the CANiK brand, which is the biggest brand of the Turkish defense industry in terms of awareness abroad, is taking its place in the world with each passing day, with all these interconnected departments and formations managed under the same vision. pointed to the higher elevation.

African market gains strength

Stating that they have also come a long way in Africa, which is an important target market for them, Aral also underlined that they made a serious sale to Mali in return for the tender, together with CANiK duty pistols and MECANIK brand weapon accessories. “We see that there is a high demand for 2021, especially from African countries. Our domestic and national anti-aircraft gun, CANiK M2 QCB 12.7 mm heavy machine gun, plays a very important role in these demands.” Aral noted that in 2022, as SYS, they are in contact with the same countries, but with different unions, for higher amounts on the export side.

“Our export revenue will double”

Stating that they will continue on their way in the next year without slowing down in their exports, Aral stated that they have already completed the projections of 5 to 10 years, not 15 years, and that they will reach much higher sales levels with the increase in quality, service and brand awareness throughout this process. “According to the TİM report announced for 2020, we ranked 368th among all sectors and exporters. Last year, we managed to be the 3rd fastest growing company among all sectors and exporters. In the coming years, we anticipate going to much higher levels, namely 200's. These figures are a great honor for us,” said Aral, and underlined that they aim to increase their export revenue targets 2021 to 2 times by the end of 12.7, especially thanks to the new model pistols such as the CANiK M1,5 QCB 2 mm heavy machine gun, the new METE SFx, METE SFT and SFx RIVAL. he drew.

2012 was the breaking point

With the production and development of TP2012 polymer-bodied needle-fired system pistols in 9, a great acceleration was achieved in exports. In 2017, the CANiK TP9 SFx model was selected as the pistol of the year in the USA, followed by Elite Combat in the same way in 2019 as the pistol of the year in the USA, and then in 2020, the TP9 Elite SC was again the pistol of the year in the USA. was chosen, which brought a much greater development to SYS and a great name value in branding. “But among these three models, of course, the TP9 Elite SC has a very different place.” Says Didem Aral; He added that he saw that SFx RIVAL also received a lot of acclaim in sports shooting.

Source: defenceturk

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