ROKETSAN's Laser Guided Mini Missile METE Has Been Fired

rocketsanin's laser-guided mini-missile has been fired
rocketsanin's laser-guided mini-missile has been fired

The test images of the METE missile, developed by ROKETSAN and attracting attention with its miniature dimensions, were presented to the President of the Presidency of the Republic of Turkey, Prof. Dr. Shared by İsmail Demir.

Demir shared his post; “METE, developed and tested by ROKETSAN, will be used in UAV-UAV-IDA and will also be fired by a single personnel with a grenade launcher. Our METE missile will hit the target from 12 just like our Olympic Champion archer Mete Gazoz!” said.

The concept of the ammunition, which was introduced with the name YATAĞAN at IDEF'19, was changed to METE after the National Archer Mete Gazoz became the Olympic Champion.

The Laser Guided Mini Missile System METE, developed by Roketsan and can be launched using new generation 40 millimeter grenade launchers, makes a difference by having an effect beyond the maximum range of the existing conventional grenade launcher ammunition.

Roketsan uses this system for security forces in a residential warfare environment today; The sniper took action to increase the effectiveness of the combat force against threats such as mass targets and reinforcement elements in contact with the enemy.

METE can be used on many platforms with a weight of approximately 1 kilogram. The development of this system, which has a semi-active laser seeker head and a hit accuracy of approximately 1 meter CEP, and can reach a range of 1000+ meters, continues.

Source: defenceturk

Günceleme: 04/10/2021 12:36

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