RAYEN Project and Consultancy Offers the Best Solutions for Electric Railway Lines

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The 12th Transportation Council, where the future vision of the Turkish transportation sector was determined and decisions were taken, was held at Istanbul Atatürk Airport between 6-8 October 2021. Armin Elektrik İnşaat Sanayi ve Tic. A.Ş's stand attracted great interest from the council participants. An interview was also held with Birkal Dile, Electrical and Electronics Engineer and Company Manager of RAYEN Proje ve Müşavirlik A.Ş, one of the subsidiaries of Armin Elektrik, at the Council.

Company Manager Dile said, “In the first years of our Republic and in 100, when we are preparing to celebrate its 2023th anniversary, the transportation and communication sector has always played a key role and will continue to play. For this reason, the springboard of all the breakthroughs we will make will always be the transportation sector. Following the path opened by Behiç ERKİN, one of the technocrat bureaucrats of Gazi Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, we have to hold tight to the field of transportation in order to both cover our country with a widespread network in a short time and to bring our country, the apple of the eye of Eurasia, to the place it deserves in the world. He stated the following.”

rayen project and consultancy offers the best solutions for electrified railway lines

We do not have the luxury of not giving importance to R&D and innovation.

We cannot afford to ignore R&D and innovation so that these developments can be achieved quickly, efficiently, healthily and economically and to make the most of our limited resources. In time, our biggest goal should be to be able to come to a position to export our investments and knowledge to our own country, to open new employment opportunities abroad, and to share our knowledge with other countries.

We contribute to the production of both economical and efficient projects

Our institution also contributes to the production of both economical and efficient projects with the design support we undertake in the field of rail systems such as High Speed ​​​​Train, Conventional Lines, Metro, Tramway in our country. For this purpose, it fulfills the design, consultancy and consultancy demands of all electrification systems in the field of rail systems.

We are preparing for the 100th anniversary with great effort

I would like to state that as an institution, imagining is the most important pillar of being able to manufacture, that we can overcome many projects both at home and abroad by being open to research and development, with intellectual discussions we will create on a subject, and that we are preparing for the 100th anniversary of our Republic with great effort.

RAYEN Project and Consultancy Inc.,

RAYEN Proje ve Müşavirlik A.Ş is an engineering company that has been serving in the field of railway electrification systems in full since 2018, trying to offer the best solutions for the transmission of electricity to railway vehicles through the overhead catenary system. Electric railway lines serve in a wide range from basic design to detail design. It aims to respond to the needs of the customer by providing the most appropriate solutions for the project in accordance with national and international standards and regulations. RAYEN, as a project and consultancy firm, provides services in 3 basic categories in the field of railway electrification systems.

These Ones;

  • TRANSFORMER CENTERS:Tender Preparation, Basic Design, Detail Design, Traction Force Simulation
  • CATHENER SYSTEM:Tender Preparation, Basic Design, Detailed Design, Dynamic Simulation
  • OTHER SERVICES:EMC Analysis, RAMS Analysis, Site Evaluation, Material Design

RAYEN Project and Consultancy Inc. It is a company focused on customer satisfaction and open to development, which has made a name for itself in terms of quality and reliability in the Turkish railway sector. With its experienced and competent staff, it aims for big breakthroughs by using the power and advantage of being a part of Koloğlu Holding.


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