Perkotek Secuda Body Search Detectors

perkotek secuda top search detectors
perkotek secuda top search detectors

Body search detector definition
Perkotek Secuda Body Search Detectors

Body search detector is a highly advanced security system. The body search detector, unlike the classical human body-touching search, uses the electronic system to detect metal objects on the person and give warnings. In this way, we do not violate people's personal spaces.

What are the usage areas of body search detectors?

Body search detectors are used in many places and industries. For example, airports, stadiums, plazas, hospitals, shopping malls, fairgrounds, concert venues, schools, public institutions, etc.

How many types of body search detectors are there?

Body call detector door type and handheld top search HYPERLINK “” detector is divided into two. Generally, these two products are used together. It can be changed according to demand.

How does the use of body search detectors work?

As the name suggests, the door-type body search detector is of the door type and shows whether there is metal on the person passing through it, thanks to the metal detectors on its feet. In a way, it scans that person. He checks that there are no metal objects on it. It makes this warning audible and through the LEDs on its feet. While the door-type body search detector gives an audible warning, it also allows us to detect which area the metal is in, thanks to the LEDs divided into zones on the feet. Thanks to the LEDs, the warning is understood and its location is known. Thanks to the digital screen on it, it gives us information about the density of the metal passing through it. Thus, the personnel next to the body search detector will detect the metal more easily. We can use the hand-held body search detector for people who still give warnings while passing through the door-type body search detector.


Contents of the product protection system

The product protection system is an anti-theft product that gives a warning so that the products in the store are not stolen. We can often find these products in stores. There are product protection systems with 2 different technologies, RF and Akusto. According to the width of the product sold in the store and the door to be passed, the number of product protection antennas is increased, ensuring that all of them work together. In this way, theft is prevented.

The product protection antennas perform a very powerful scan where they are positioned. As soon as it detects an alarm, it gives an audible and light warning and allows you to detect the theft instantly. It has the most important factor in making the necessary intervention in line with the sounds and lights it makes.

Depending on the types of products sold, sometimes paper labels and sometimes hard labels, which I call spiked labels, are preferred. Thanks to these alarms placed on the product, if there is a person trying to leave the store by buying the product without paying for the product, the antenna detects this alarm and gives an audible and light warning. The alarm on the product, which has been paid for, is canceled by the attendant at the cashier by means of a deactivator or alarm remover. Since most of us have seen this process, we have knowledge in terms of functioning. Spiked product alarms allow for reuse.

In order not to be affected by energy pollution in the environment store product protection systems Sensitivity settings can be increased or decreased with the sensitivity pots on it. In antennas with acoustic, sensitivity settings can be made by connecting the antennas to the computer. Apart from that, they work without the need for any computer connection. It is very easy to assemble, you can directly use the product by positioning it and giving it electricity. It is a short-term process.

What are the usage areas of product protection system?

The product protection system is suitable for all stores. It is the simplest and most reliable way to prevent theft and deter theft. These systems ensure reliability. You can ensure the safety of all your products by choosing your labels according to the products you sell in your store.



What is the indicator used for?

It is used to control the entrances to the areas where entry and exit operations are required according to certain criteria and to receive pass reports. It provides a controlled passage of incoming people.

What are the characteristics of indicator devices?

Although it varies according to the models of the products, access can be achieved by scanning the fingerprint, by scanning the card only, by scanning the card or password, or by just scanning the password.

Transition modes can be adjusted on some models. Some modes such as card only pass, card or encrypted pass, both card and encrypted pass indicatorcan be set on devices.

They can work offline or online. Every person registered in the offline models can pass through the connected door. In the online system, the transition can only be achieved if the person who wants to switch meets the specified criteria.

It has the features of reading Proximity card or Mifare card types. Depending on the models, it has a card or encrypted pass feature. Indoor or outdoor features are available.

It has open circuit or closed circuit trigger sending features. Outdoor devices are designed and designed to operate in all weather conditions. They are devices suitable for all environments.


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