Deputy Köksal: TCDD 7th Region Lost 1,5 Million Liras?

Scandalous claim about tcdd state inflicted millions of losses
Scandalous claim about tcdd state inflicted millions of losses

CHP Afyonkarahisar Deputy Burcu Köksal, with the request of the Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, Adil Karaismailoğlu, to answer the allegations that all repair and maintenance works were given to the same company by using the direct procurement method for 7 years in Afyonkarahisar TCDD 5th Regional Directorate. He submitted a parliamentary question to the Presidency of the Parliament.


In his proposal, Deputy Köksal noted that all repair and maintenance works in TCDD 7th Regional Directorate Afyonkarahisar Railway Maintenance Service Directorate were given to the same company for 5 years using the direct procurement method.

It is claimed that direct procurement method was used and all the works were given to the same company, with the claim of 'urgency of the work', during the repair and maintenance works upon the instruction of Adem Sivri, who served as the Assistant Road Manager at the Afyonkarahisar Railway Maintenance Service Directorate of the 2007th Regional Directorate of TCDD between 2013 and 7.

It is claimed that between 2008 and 2013, approximately 1,5 million TL of illegal direct procurement was carried out, resulting in personal benefit and inflicting damage on TCDD, which is a public institution.

It is also among the allegations that TCDD employee named Adem Sivri was investigated for this reason, but the investigation was not concluded.


In his motion, Deputy Köksal asked Minister Karaismailoğlu to answer the following questions:

  1.  In this direction, is it true that Adem Sivri, who is still the Regional Manager at TCDD, had a single company outsource approximately 250 million TL of work with approximately 1,5 Direct Supply Approval Certificates at that time?
  2. Have the works made by Adem Sivri to a single firm made by direct procurement method between 2008-2013 in accordance with the provisions of Article 4734/D of the Public Procurement Law No. 22 and Article 3/G of the TCDD Goods and Service Procurement Procurement Regulation?
  3. Have market researches been conducted in accordance with laws and regulations in order to create an approximate cost? Has an Approximate Cost Chart prepared in accordance with the Laws and Regulations based on the work under the Direct Supply Approval Certificate and approved?
  4. If the Approximate Cost was not prepared, how were these transactions carried out illegally? As a result of the evaluation of the proposals, have Adem Sivri given approximately 250 Direct Supply jobs to a single company and a few of them to the company owned by the owner's son?
  5. How much was TCDD's loss in approximately 250 million TL spent with 1,5 Direct Supply Approval Certificates, transactions of which were carried out illegally? Has Regional Manager Adem Sivri undergone Inspection and Investigation on these issues? If so, what was the result of the investigation?”

Günceleme: 30/11/2021 09:45

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