Signatures Have Been Made in Mersin Metro Project

Signatures were signed in Mersin metro project
Signatures were signed in Mersin metro project

Historical signatures were signed in Metro, one of the vision projects of Mersin Metropolitan Municipality in the field of transportation. "The Contract for the Supply, Installation and Commissioning of the Construction and Electromechanical Systems of the Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mezitli-3 January Light Rail System Metro Line" was awarded to Dillingham Cont. int. Inc + Kiska-Kom İnş. ve Tic. Inc. Signed by the Partnership. Metropolitan Mayor Vahap Seçer stated that they started the rail systems period for Mersin and said that they wanted to strike the first digging on January 100, 3, the 2022th anniversary of Mersin's liberation.

At the signing ceremony of the Contract of Contract; President Selects, Dillingham Cont. int. Inc. Chairman of the Board Werdell Henry Gildhouse, Kiska-Kom İnş. ve Tic. Inc. Chairman of the Board Haydar Özkazanç, Mersin Metropolitan Municipality bureaucrats, company officials and Prota Engineering General Manager Danyal Kubin. Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Mezitli-3 January Light Rail System Subway Line Construction and Electromechanical Systems Supply, Installation and Commissioning Contract signed by Mersin Metropolitan Municipality Head of Transportation Department Ersan Topçuoğlu, Dillingham Cont. int. Inc. Chairman of the Board Werdell Henry Gildhouse and Kiska-Kom İnş. ve Tic. Inc. Haydar Özkazanç, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

“We are starting the rail systems era for Mersin”

President Seçer, in his evaluation before the signing ceremony, stated that they started the rail systems period for Mersin and said, “Now Mersin; will be remembered with its metro and tram; it will have the identity of a modern, contemporary city. The cost of the contract we will sign a little later is 3 billion 379 million 404 thousand 875 liras. Metro does not have wagons in this project. These will then be included in the project and their purchases will be made. We want to strike the first digging on January 100, 3, the 2022th anniversary of Mersin's liberation, which we consider as the most important day in our history.”

“We foresee it to be completed in 48 months”

Emphasizing that the Metro project, which will connect 4 central districts with steel rails, will continue rapidly, Mayor Seçer said:

“We foresee it to be completed in 48 months. Mersin Rail System Projects will consist of 34.4 kilometers in total and 3 stages. The project, whose contract we will sign today, will consist of 13.4 kilometers of underground metro and 11 stations. Again, the Fair-University Hospital-Mersin University, which we consider as the 2nd stage, and again the Fairground will be an 8.4-kilometer route in the form of a ring. We consider the rail system model here as tram. The 3rd stage will start from the old bus station area, which is the western point of the 1st stage. The City Hospital, New Bus Station will be built as a 12.6 kilometer at-grade metro rail system model in total. The starting point of our first phase is the western point of the old service building of our Mezitli Municipality; the eastern point is planned as the area where the old bus station is located. The estimated number of daily passengers in the first year of operation of the line is approximately 350 thousand. We predict that this number will evolve to 2030 thousand in 380 and 2048 thousand in 500. Approximately 7 kilometers of our project will be realized by the underground drilling method, which we call TBM, and 6.4 kilometers by the cut-and-cover method. Tunnels will be built with this building system model. Another application to be made for the first time in Turkey is the single tube double line application as a tunnel type. We will have implemented this in Mersin.”

“Not only as a location, but also to bring people together”

Mayor Seçer also talked about the contribution of the Metro to the city life and said, “Subway is definitely a very comfortable, very fast, very cheap public transportation model, but it has important values ​​to add to the city. It will once connect the 4 districts of the city with the center. It will bring people together, not just as a location. People with different socio-economic and socio-cultural structures living in 4 central districts will also have the opportunity to reach other regions more easily via the Metro. My sister-in-law, who gets on from Mezitli, the western point of the metro, will have the opportunity to reach Çamlıbel in a very short time if she wants to shop. Because he will no longer have to get on the rubber-tyred public transportation vehicles and suffer the torment of waiting and traffic.”

Traffic and parking problems will be solved

Stating that the stations have important features, Seçer said, “It will connect the two sides of the street from the underground. As you know, we built the Roof Overpass on the streets with very heavy traffic flow, for example, just to the west of the Sevgi Katlı Junction. Because the traffic was very heavy there, pedestrians had difficulty crossing the street. We have achieved this with our escalator system overpasses. However, from now on, pedestrians will have the opportunity to cross the street by means of an underground tunnel in the area where we have 2 stations on GMK or the Free Children's Park on Istiklal Street, that is, in 11 areas where the station is located. Again, a very important feature, because 'what is the biggest problem of our city?' If we ask our citizens a question, they will say 'traffic'. They will also talk about the parking problem in traffic. Here, 11 of the 11 stations will have car parks for 7 vehicles in each, with a total capacity of 200 vehicles. Again, 1400 motorcycles in each of these parking lots, 40 motorcycles in total; It will be a structure with the capacity to park 280 bicycles in each and 60 bicycles in total.”

“Metro stations will create an enormous space for socializing”

President Seçer emphasized that they are working to allocate a special area for bicycles in one of the wagons and said, “We are trying to spread the use of bicycles with the bicycle paths we have built. If we realize this, we think that it will be an important convenience for cyclists as well. Social, cultural and commercial areas open to the public will be established in 11 of the 9 stations. These will include exhibition areas, shopping and dining areas. In other words, in a sense, these stations will create an enormous space for socialization and will make a significant contribution to trade.”

Interchange works will continue

Stating that in addition to the metro project, the multi-storey intersection works will continue rapidly to ease the traffic, Mayor Seçer said:

“This is an issue we focus on so that traffic does not pose a problem for us. Metro was our pre-election projection, a promise. We set out to realize this, and with the signature we will sign a little later today, we will have taken an important step towards this. Since then, we have done important work by thinking about today. When we took office, Monument Floor Intersection was a failed construction and we intervened. A very short time later, the date we took office was April 8, and on May 19, we opened the Monument Floor Intersection. Again, we completed the Sevgi Floor Intersection, which is considered very modern, contemporary and aesthetic by our citizens, in 87 days. Our institutions are working on displacement in the region that we now call the Immigrant Junction. It will be finalized shortly. In the first days of November, we will realize the Göçmen Multi-Storey Interchange, which we will finish there in a very short time. Then, in the Saya Park area, in the area where the Fairground is located, 34th Street is also a very important intersection and a busy intersection. The works on the tram project are currently continuing. Since we will pass the tram through that area, we have integrated the project of the multi-storey intersection, we are working in coordination, the project will be concluded in a short time, the intersection in the Saya Park region will be offered to our citizens after the Immigrant Multi-Storey Junction.

President Seçer stated that they will also implement the Hal-Storey Intersection project quickly and said, “We will quickly implement the Hal-Storey Intersection project, which we will start after the area where the Saya Storey Intersection or Saya Shopping Center is located. Our negotiations with the highways continue. This place is extremely important. The responsibility for the construction of the multi-storey junction at the junction in the Akbelen region belongs to the Highways. Our negotiations with this institution continue. Because there is a very urgent need for a multi-storey intersection. If the Highways do it, a vehicle coming to the city from the eastern direction of Mersin from the highway will have the opportunity to reach Mezitli from Hal Katlı Junction without stopping by means of bridged multi-storey intersections. 'What does this have to do with the subway?' If you say, of course, since these works, namely the metro construction works, will go on the GMK route, the traffic, especially the 2nd Ring Road, Adnan Menderes Boulevard, the 3rd Ring Road; As you know, there is a great demand from the citizens for the construction of that place, it is about the arrangement of the road. We will ensure that traffic is transferred there and to the 4th Ring Road, which we have just put into service and is a prototype model, perhaps a highly technological, well-thought-out work in Mersin's history with its infrastructure, superstructure and width.”

Metro project will contribute to employment and Mersin's turnover

Stating that the construction of the subway will contribute significantly to Mersin's economy, Seçer said, “It will make a significant contribution to employment, which is the biggest problem of our time. About 3 thousand of our citizens are white-collar, blue-collar, manual workers or our citizens who will work indirectly. We will provide a significant workforce and 90% of them will be met by our citizens living in Mersin. This project is approximately 340 million euros. In the first place, I'm talking about the construction cost. We anticipate that 70% of this will be spent in Mersin, ie 240 million Euros, or 2 billion 400 million in TL terms. If you think that the construction period is about 4 years, 600 million liras will enter the pockets of our citizens in Mersin every year, or an important figure such as 600 million liras will enter the turnover and gross turnover of Mersin. I think this will make a significant contribution to the economy," he said.

“I consider this project as a civilization project”

President Seçer emphasized that Metro is an important and valuable project and said:

“Metro is a delayed project. In an age where the rail system length of Istanbul is spoken as 170 kilometers, even these projects that Europe realized 150 years ago, 145 years ago, 100 years ago, 200 years ago, rail systems in a region like Mersin, where its topography is extremely suitable for this type of work. Unfortunately, we can talk in 2021 and we have the chance to lay the groundwork. The metro will be a work that will increase the brand value of the city. The concept of metro will be settled in the life of the city. As I just said, Mersin is now; It will be remembered as a city with a metro, a tram and a rail system of all models, with comfortable transportation. It will be remembered as a city that has minimized the traffic problem. It is natural around the stations, with the formation of new residential areas, new business lines and commercial areas will be created. In addition, we think that with the development of new habits, there will be a radical change in the urban and urban perspective. I would like you to know that I consider this project, which we see will add a new vision to Mersin, as a civilization project.”

Stating that there may be some negativities in the city life during the construction of the project, Seçer said, “We have already taken the necessary precautions since the day we took office, but we also need the contribution, help, sensitivity, support and tolerance of our citizens. We want to serve Mersin. We are striving for this. We are sincere, determined and determined in this regard, but we need the intense support of my fellow citizens from Mersin in order for our services to be effective, appropriate and sustainable. Good luck with our metro to Mersin," he said.

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