Life-Saving Technologies in the Mining Industry at MINEX

life-saving technologies in the mining industry minex
life-saving technologies in the mining industry minex

Mining, Natural Resources and Technologies Fair MINEX, which brought all the stakeholders of the mining industry together for the 13th time in Fuarizmir on 16-2021 October 9, received full marks from its visitors with its innovative technology products that save the lives of miners.

MINEX, hosted by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, in cooperation with İZFAŞ and TMMOB Chamber of Mining Engineers, also offered vital solutions to miners with cutting-edge technology products designed for the safety of workers.

'Lifeline' for miners

Doruk Bindal, Marketing and Sales Coordinator of May1maden; 'We produce lifelines with reflectors for exit from mines, auxiliary equipment used in dynamite, water barriers used against dust explosions. We have such occupational safety and explosion protection products. These products are generally related to workers' health and lives. We manufacture them from innovative materials. We produce from the material used in the shields used by the riot police. This material is resistant to cracking, breaking, explosion-proof. The products produced from this material in mining conditions are very durable. This is how we think about employees. "Our job is to protect their safety in the mines," he said.

Bindal; 'Most of the accidents in the mines are not due to human error, but due to the gases in the mine. To prevent these, we have accident prevention products such as measuring devices and personnel tracking devices. We have no competitors in the world in the lifeline we produce. Our XNUMX% domestic production. We are also very good in terms of product quality. Because it is a different product, a product that I developed myself,' he said.

Doruk Bindal said that it was their first fair; 'It was a very productive and busy fair for us, it went well for us. Our local production and being young attract the attention of our visitors.

Drones are used in mining sites

Tugay Gürler, General Manager of Emcecare; 'We provide drone support for miners. We get help from drones in areas such as locating the open mine sites, controlling the surroundings, stock detection if there is stock, and 3D analysis if new mines are to be searched. It is a vertical take-off drone and therefore does not need a runway. It can stay in the air much longer than normal drones. It can stay in the air for 2-3 hours. You can install different cameras and do different things. It has a camera that can shoot day and night. We can install different sensors. Chemical changes on the mine site on a weekly basis can determine the direction of the mine spread. As a result of the excavation carried out in the mine site, it can calculate the slope and determine the slip, and can produce a 3D model of it. There are models that we make ourselves, and there are those that we buy from outside. We are in a position to produce completely from scratch ourselves," he said.

Comfortable products in work safety

Ejendals Regional Sales Manager Gökhan Şenses; 'We have a lot of products related to hand protection with gloves. It provides protection against the risk of impact, cut, and burns in the use of chemicals. We have over 500 different gloves available. We have close to 450 models with the same standards regarding foot protection. We have products that provide protection from approach to fire to cold climate conditions. We have systems that ensure the comfort of workers as well as health. We can go to the enterprises and scan the feet of the workers and make special insoles according to the results. We can increase their comfort in the orthopedic sense. We try to make shoes as comfortable as possible for workers. We apply a special system to eliminate the problems of workers who have problems such as foot slippage, foot sprains, side or inward stepping, heel spurs. We are a manufacturer company and the R&D center is constantly working on new products in this regard. We strive to produce products that provide both the comfort and safety of the user," he said. Şenses stated that there are many companies that come to visit, most of them are customers or companies that they want to realize some projects in the near future, and therefore they are happy to be at the fair.

'Artificial Intelligence' for miners' job security

Solution Machinery Software Development Engineer Metehan Yaşar; 'There are occupational safety practices to prevent mining accidents. We added artificial intelligence to these job security applications. Our application here is more in the form of image processing. We extract meaningful data from the images we receive from security cameras. These data enable us to control whether the workers use the equipment they must use, such as helmets, vests, safety ropes, work shoes. In this way, we can report to the employer instantly, daily, weekly, in audio and video form. We can instantly send the image to the employer via e-mail or sms. It's a very productive project. We got really good feedback to prevent work accidents. R&D is completely owned by our company. We have cooperation with universities and industrial organizations. Some people interpret artificial intelligence as taking our jobs, but it will help us more. In some cases, we may experience different difficulties with human control. Artificial intelligence completely overcomes these difficulties. A system that does not sleep and works 7 hours a day, 24 days a week. Thus, we ensure that the rules that must be followed are followed. An application with very low margin of error. A system that renews and updates itself as it works. These systems are just beginning to be used in Turkey and in the world. That's why we kind of have a partnership with our customers in this system. We are moving forward by updating the system from the demands and problems of the customers. We are a new team, but we are making very rapid progress in this regard. I think we have done well. This fair has been good for us. We provided various connections at the fair,' he said.

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