Konya Metropolitan Relieves Traffic with Junction Arrangements

Konya Büyükşehir Relieves Traffic with Junction Arrangements
Konya Büyükşehir Relieves Traffic with Junction Arrangements

Konya Metropolitan Municipality continues to make arrangements to ease the city traffic. Mayor of Konya Metropolitan Municipality Uğur İbrahim Altay said that they made important arrangements at the intersections with heavy traffic in the city center and thus, they ensured that the traffic was more fluent and reliable.


Finally, President Altay noted that new physical arrangements were made at the Police and Tower Site intersections with the UKOME decision and that the 4-phase intersection signal system was reduced to 3 phases and the waiting times at the intersections were reduced. .

Mayor Altay stated that the drivers should obey the traffic warning and regulation signs installed at the intersections in order to avoid any disruption.

After the arrangements made at the Safety Junction; At Beşyol Junction, left turns of vehicles coming from the direction of the city center towards Telgrafçı Hamdi Bey Street are prohibited; it was possible to make left turns in the form of a level clover around the newly built shopping center.

The section of Kahramanlar Street between Şair Senihi Street and Ankara Street and Şair Senihi Street was made one way by necessity. In addition, left turns of vehicles that will turn from Belh Junction direction to Kahramanlar Caddesi are prohibited.

At the Tower Site Junction; Vehicles coming from Telegraphci Hamdibey Street are prohibited from turning left to the city center. Vehicles that will make a left turn are allowed to go to the city center direction by using the physical arrangement of the "U" turn at the Kunduracılar Junction on Nalçacı Street.

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