Chemical Herb Drug Purchase Business

chemical herbicide business
chemical herbicide business

TCDD 6. Regional Directorate
Chemical Herb Drug Purchase Business
Article 1 - Administration information
1.1. The Administration;
a) Name: GENERAL DIRECTORATE OF TR STATE RAILWAYS MANAGEMENT (TCDD) ADANA 6th Region Purchasing and Stock Control Service Directorate
b) Address: Kurtulus District Atatürk Street 01120 Seyhan - SEYHAN / ADANA
c) Phone number: 3224536914
d) Fax number: 3224575807
d) Name, surname and title of the relevant personnel: Musa Ören (Office Chief)
Article 2 - Information on recruitment / recruitment subject to the tender
2.1. The subject of the procurement / procurement;
a) Name: Chemical Herbicide Purchase Business
b) Type: Procurement of goods
c) Relevant Implementing Regulation: Implementing Regulation on Supply of Goods Tenders
ç) Investment project number (in construction works): This article has been left blank.
d) Code:
e) Quantity:
11.500 Liters will be 480 gr/lt Glyphosate Isopropylamine Salt
Detailed information is attached to the administrative specifications.
f) The place where the work will be done/delivered: TCDD 6th Region Purchasing and Stock Control Directorate Seyhan / ADANA
Article 3 - Information on the tender
a) Tender registration number: 2021 / 629231
b) Tender procedure: Open tender procedure
c) Tender (end bid submission) date and time: 09.11.2021
Time: 14: 00
ç) Meeting place of the tender commission (address where e-offers will be opened): TCDD 6th Regional Directorate Meeting Hall Floor: 1 Seyhan / ADANA

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