The Date of the Second Stage of the Tender of the Kartepe Cable Car Project has been Determined

The date of the second phase of the Kartepe cable car project tender has been determined
The date of the second phase of the Kartepe cable car project tender has been determined

The first stage of the tender for the Kartepe Cable Car Line Project, which will be made by the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the Industry Cooperation Program (SIP) of the Ministry of Industry and Technology, was held on August 9th. It was learned that in the project where 3 companies submitted files, one of the companies that submitted files sent a letter of thanks, while the other two submitted bids.


The date of the second stage of the Cable Car Line Construction and Installation Work tender has been determined. In the tender to be held at the Metropolitan Municipality Support Services Department on November 5, 2021 at 10.00:10, the bids of the companies that submitted the files will be opened. In the specification of the tender to be negotiated, “The ropeway system will consist of a single rope, detachable terminal and cabins for 0 people. The cabins will be moved by the tow rope. The system will have a passenger capacity of 6 people/hour in the exit direction and 1.500 people/hour in the landing direction, with a speed that can be adjusted in the range of 1.500-XNUMX meters per second.

The second tender date has been determined for the Kartepe Cable Car Project, the first tender of which was held on August 9 and 3 companies submitted files. While learning that the bid files of the companies will be opened in the tender to be held by bargaining, many details were included in the special specification.


Many conditions were stipulated to the contractor in the special specification. “Under the most adverse design conditions, with the system operating and the cabins loaded, a minimum of 3 meters vertical clearance shall be provided between the lowest point of the cabin floor and other similar obstructions including vegetation or snow. Provided that the necessary permits are obtained by the Administration, tree cutting will be done by the administration together with the contractor. For the systems to be installed on the line, “The systems to be installed for the ropeway line will be reliable, effective and user-friendly. 06 hours per day between 00:23/59:18 during normal operating hours, corresponding to 1 hour out of service per month, min. It will provide a working performance rate of 99.95%”.


In the specification, which also lists the actions to be taken in case of any danger, it is stated that "In the event of a mechanical or electronic failure in the ropeway system, permanent malfunction in the electric motor or power cut, it will ensure that the passengers in the cabins are transported to the nearest station, in accordance with the relevant regulations and specifications, separate from the main driving system. Emergency driving system spares will be available. The emergency engine will have a hydraulic drive independent of the main drive and a separate braking system belonging to this system.


In the specification, in which it is stated that 5 thousand TL will be applied per day in case of a defect, it is stated that “The Contractor shall rectify the defect within 15 calendar days at the latest, unless otherwise specified in the relevant technical specifications. If the Contractor fails to fulfill its obligations at the end of the specified period, starting from the end of this period, 5 thousand TL per day will be paid to the Administration as a delay penalty for each day of delay, and this period will be added to the warranty period.


The cable car line that will be built with the ministry to be Turkey's first domestic and national cable car line and will run between Derbent and Kuzuyayla will be 4 thousand 695 meters. In the cable car project, which will include 2 stations, 10 cabins for 73 people will serve. The elevation distance on the cable car line with a capacity of 1500 people per hour will be 1090 meters. Accordingly, the starting level will be 331 meters and the arrival level will be 1421 meters. The distance between the two stations will be exceeded in 14 minutes. The cable car line is planned to be completed and put into service in 2023.

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