İZSU Resolves Environmental Problems of the City

izsu solves the environmental problems of the city
izsu solves the environmental problems of the city

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality İZSU General Directorate is solving the environmental problems of the city one by one. Çiğli Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone Stream, one of the main stream beds flowing into the Gulf, is being rehabilitated with a comprehensive improvement and regulation project implemented in three steps. The first phase of the project has been completed.

Continuing its periodic cleaning and improvement works in the streams, İZSU is implementing a comprehensive improvement project in the bed of the AOSB Stream in the Ataşehir neighborhood of Çiğli within the scope of the Büyük Çiğli Creek Coastal Arrangement Project. Within the scope of the works carried out in 3 stages with an investment of 150 million 3 thousand TL, ground improvement and landscaping are carried out along with stream improvement in the areas where land and sea meet in the AOSB creek.

Within the scope of the 1st stage works, a safer area was created for the citizens with the manufacture of decorative balustrades by renovating the 900-meter old stone walls. By providing walking, jogging track and road lighting in the area, a modern living space was built parallel to the creek, which the citizens can benefit from at any time of the day.

Ecological life will be revived

Within the scope of the ongoing 2nd and 3rd stages, dredging works that will minimize the flood risk in the region will be carried out and approximately 95 thousand cubic meters of bottom mud will be removed from the stream bed. The works carried out in an area of ​​35 thousand square meters will destroy the terrestrialization in the stream bed and provide clean water circulation from the bay to the region. Thus, the aquatic life and living population in the region will also increase.

Yıldız: “We will have obtained a safe and resistant creek bed”

Onur Emrah Yıldız, İZSU General Directorate Creeks Maintenance and Repair Branch Manager, said, “We are in the stream bed of Çiğli Ataşehir District Atatürk Organized Industrial Zone. This area has a special location because it is a wetland unlike the dry stream beds in İzmir. Here, we started a three-stage study with not only stream improvement, but also ground improvement and landscaping. Our first stage works have been completed, within the scope of the works, we renewed the old stone walls on the left route of the creek close to the settlement area and raised them according to the flood level. Then, we completed the first stage works with 900-meter-long walking and running paths, along with decorative guardrails specific to the area, which will allocate the safety of life and property of pedestrians, and low-energy lighting for our citizens to use this place at any time of the day. In our second phase works, we saw that terrestrialization started in the wetland area of ​​approximately 35 thousand square meters. In order to eliminate this and to obtain a safe and resistant creek bed in short-term and very heavy rains caused by the climate crisis, we have started the mud dredging process of approximately 100 thousand cubic meters, all within the means of our administration. We did it all on our own. In the third phase works, in coordination with the first phase, we will renew the stone walls and finish these works with decorative railings and lighting. As a result of all the studies, we will also have obtained screening to increase the aquatic life and the quality of life of the living population by eliminating terrestrialization with the improvement of our stream bed. We will have obtained a safe and resilient stream bed in very short and heavy rains caused by the climate crisis. Together with the walking and jogging paths and landscaping in the area, we will offer an alternative living space to all our citizens, especially the residents of the region.” He asked the citizens not to throw garbage in the stream beds for a healthier and cleaner environment.

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