Izmit Gölcük Tramway Project Feasibility Study Preparation Tender Result

As a result of the tender for the preparation of the izmit golcuk tram project feasibility study
As a result of the tender for the preparation of the izmit golcuk tram project feasibility study

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality held a tender for the preparation of a feasibility study in order to bring the light rail system to Gölcük. Tümaş Türk, who won the tender, will reveal in detail everything from when the system should be made to the number of trips.

According to the news of Süriye Çatak Tek from Özgür Kocaeli;


The first concrete step has been taken regarding the light rail system, which has been on the city agenda for years and is planned to be implemented between Izmit and Gölcük. With the Kartepe- Körfez metro being shelved for now, the Metropolitan Municipality, which heads to the south of the city, has completed the tender for the Preparation of the Southern Light Rail System Line Feasibility Study. Tumas Turk, who won the tender, will carry out the work on the number of journeys, stops and the route will be determined.


Tümaş Türk will first determine the line where the rail system will be built on the Gölcük-İzmit line. It will determine the stops to be created on the line and the transfer points on the line. The travel rates in the regions where the line will pass and the estimates of how many passengers will be on the planned date of the line will also be included in the feasibility study. At the same time, there will be recommendations about when the line should be made.


The Metropolitan Municipality organized the tender in order to determine the scenario that will be encountered if an investment is made for the southern rail system. Tümaş Türk, who received the tender, will complete the works in 90 days. Then, the feasibility study will be presented to the officials of the Ministry of Transport, General Directorate of Infrastructure Investments. If the project is approved, this time work will be done for preliminary and final project studies.

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