Izmir's Most Colorful Fair Is Held This Week

Izmir's most colorful fair is held this week
Izmir's most colorful fair is held this week

Izmir shows are preparing to host a different fair with its colorful and visually rich stands at a time when the fair organization sector, which was interrupted during the Corona process, started to stand up again. Start Beauty İzmir Expo, which will be held in Gaziemir between 21-24 October, will bring the world of beauty and cosmetics together. Organized by Start Fuarcılık with the contributions of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality and İZFAŞ, the fair is supported by İzmir Chamber of Craftsmen and Craftsmen (IESOB), İzmir Chamber of Commerce, Turkish Barbers and Hairdressers Federation, İzmir Chamber of Hairdressers, Manicurists and Beauty Salon Operators and İzmir Chamber of Barbers.

We will moralize

Sezai Apaydın, President of the Izmir Chamber of Hairdressers, Manicurists and Beauty Salon Operators, stated that they wanted to break new ground in Izmir and said, 'We needed such a fair. We want to bring this to İzmir by cooperating with Start Fairs. We have made serious efforts to organize a fair and organization worthy of Izmir in our sector. Thank goodness we will make it happen. The efforts of Osman Çapa, a member of the Chamber of Commerce and the head of the professional committee of hairdressers, are undeniable in the organization of the fair,'' he said.

Expressing that there will be high participation in the fair, Apaydın said, 'Our members were very overwhelmed during the Corona process. We could not open our workplaces for months with the measure circulars. Even in these days when normalization is gradually returned, people are still uneasy. This uneasiness reflects negatively on our business. This fair will revive our newly opened businesses.

Firms in the beauty, cosmetics and hairdressing sectors participate in our fair. Our colleagues will see the innovations, they will be able to reach the companies that sell the materials they need first hand, they will meet and mingle with the companies and colleagues coming from outside of Izmir. During the four-day fair, our colleagues will also perform shows and showcase their skills and art in the hair of their models. I believe that the fair, which will bring a significant plus to our industry, will instill morale in İzmir with its visual richness.

Full support from Mutlu

Stating that Zekeriya Mutlu, President of IESOB, paved the way by supporting them in every subject, Sezai Apaydın continued his words as follows: 'Hairdressers and barbers are like two halves of an apple. Our biggest supporter in this fair was İzmir Chamber of Barbers and its esteemed president Şükrü Bilgin. Guests from Ankara and all over the country will come because our federation president Bayram Karakaş has invited chambers and industry members from all provinces. In addition to our chamber members, we invite all the people of Izmir to visit our fair and watch our artistic shows.

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