October Earthquake Monument Opens on the Anniversary of the Izmir Earthquake

October Earthquake Monument Opens on the Anniversary of the Izmir Earthquake

October Earthquake Monument Opens on the Anniversary of the Izmir Earthquake

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality has prepared a comprehensive commemoration program in memory of 30 people who lost their lives on the anniversary of the 117 October Izmir earthquake. Bayrakl─▒30 October Earthquake Monument will be opened in Hasan Ali Y├╝cel Park, which was renovated as an earthquake park in Istanbul.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, within the scope of the commemoration program organized on the anniversary of the 30 October Izmir earthquake. Bayrakl─▒ It is preparing to open the 30 October Earthquake Monument in Hasan Ali Y├╝cel Park next to the Teacher's House. Hasan Ali Y├╝cel Park, which was renovated by the Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the earthquake parks project and designed as a safe gathering area for disasters and emergencies, gains meaning with the Earthquake Monument, which was built in memory of 117 people who died in the earthquake.

Respect march for citizens who lost their lives

Commemoration program on October 30 at 14.30 Bayrakl─▒It will start in Martyr Hakan Unal Park next to R─▒za Bey Apartment in . After carnations were left in R─▒za Bey Apartment, a march of respect will be held for the citizens lost in the earthquake. Then, it will be passed to Hasan Ali Y├╝cel Park for the opening of the October 30 Earthquake Monument. At 14.51:117, the hour of the earthquake, after a moment of silence in front of the monument accompanied by the firefighter siren, 30 white balloons will be released into the sky and "Will you hold my hand?" The documentary will be watched. Within the scope of the 117 October commemoration program, 15 cyclists will ride their bikes from the A┼č─▒k Veysel Recreation Area to the earthquake site. In addition, bites will be distributed to 18 people at 500 points in seven central districts. Bayrakl─▒Mevlit will be recited in three mosques in Istanbul between evening and night.

Turned into earthquake park

Continuing the repair works in the green areas and parks determined in order to create safe assembly areas in case of disasters and emergencies, ─░zmir Metropolitan Municipality renewed Hasan Ali Y├╝cel Park in this context and turned it into an earthquake park. Having completed the necessary infrastructure works in order to meet the basic needs such as electricity, water, toilet, shower and laundry in the event of a disaster, the Metropolitan Municipality placed urban equipment consisting of three modules in Hasan Ali Y├╝cel Park. It was ensured that the solar energy system was activated against power cuts in urban equipment. Locked warehouses were created under the seating units to store the needed materials. Tarpaulins were placed in the warehouses to be used for shelter until the tents were set up after the disaster.

The names of 30 people are written on the 117 October Earthquake Monument

There are three panels at the starting point of the 30 October Earthquake Monument, which is a monument passage. These panels contain the date and time of the earthquake and the names of the 117 people we lost. There are bird figures on the boards on which the names are written; these figures represent the flight of lost citizens to eternity. The monument gate located at the entrance of the park also serves as a welcome and invitation to the park.

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