İzmir Metropolitan's Education Support Applications Started

Applications for education support have started
Applications for education support have started

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerApplications have started for the financial support project for university students, which has been implemented within the scope of the principle of equal opportunity in education. With the project, a support package of 400 thousand 8 liras was prepared for 3 months, 200 liras a month. President Soyer stated that they will do whatever is necessary for education and said, "We exist, we are with you."

Applications for the education support of university students in need of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality have started. With the project, the Metropolitan Municipality will provide education support of 5 thousand 400 liras for eight months, 3 liras per month, to 200 thousand students whose families live in Izmir. Students who want to apply should fill out the form shared on bizizmir.com (bizizmir.com/tr/egitimyardimi/33/81).

Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Tunç SoyerStating that they will be with the youth throughout their education life, İzmir is a special and beautiful city that sheds light not only on the present but also on the future with its deep-rooted history and ancient culture of solidarity. You will get a university education in this beautiful city or in another city of our country. What we have to do is to support an educational environment full of arts, sports and culture that will make you breathe, provide you with access to resources throughout your university life. We have prepared a support package for you. It will be enough to fill the application form, complete the required documents, and wait for us to conclude the evaluations in an equal and fair manner. We're here, we're with you," he said.

First payment in November

Applications will only be accepted online. The first part of the education support will be given in November and the second part will be given in 2022 to the students who will be determined as a result of the evaluations.

What are the application conditions?

His family's residence is in Izmir, and the associate or undergraduate students, who are between the ages of 18-25, who have limited financial means, and who are actively and formally educated all over Turkey, will be able to benefit from the education aid of the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality. In the application conditions, it is also required to have a grade point average of at least 4 out of 2.00, at least 100 out of 53 and not repeat a grade. Grade criteria will not be sought for students who have just started university. Being studying at a state university or studying at a foundation university with 100% scholarship is also among the application requirements. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Department of Social Services and Department of Social Projects will accept applications for educational aid for one student from each household.

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