300 TL Monthly Food Voucher Application Started for İZELMAN Personnel

Monthly TL food check application started for special staff
Monthly TL food check application started for special staff

In line with the understanding of "equal pay for equal work" of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, a monthly food voucher of 7 lira was implemented for approximately 300 thousand İZELMAN personnel, who entered into a collective agreement. Employees started shopping at the People's Grocery Store, where cooperative products are sold. While the kitchen economy of the employee is supported with the application that makes both the worker and the producer smile, the cooperatives are also stronger with the shopping of more than 25 million liras per year. kazanwill ache.

The People's Grocery, opened by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer with the understanding of “Another Agriculture is Possible”, does not leave the hard work of both the laborers who work day and night for Izmir and the small producers unpaid. Within the scope of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (TİS) signed by the İzmir Metropolitan Municipality with the Genel-İş Union affiliated to DİSK, a monthly food voucher of 7 liras, which was given to approximately 300 thousand İZELMAN personnel, started to be used in the People's Grocery, where cooperative products are available.

“Healthy” contribution to the family economy

Within the scope of the application, which will contribute to the family economy of 7 thousand personnel, employees will be able to shop at nine People's Grocery branches in various parts of Izmir, 300 liras per month, for a total of 3 thousand 600 liras per year. People's Grocery Store, where 24 producer cooperatives offer approximately 400 products for sale, will also ensure that employees have access to healthy and affordable food.

Production increases with 25 million purchases per year

The application that made the employee smile, became a lifeline for the producer who cultivates İzmir's soil loop by thread. Thanks to the application, 7 thousand personnel will shop from People's Grocery for over 25 million liras per year. As the natural products on the shelves run out, the production of cooperatives will increase.

“We also support producer cooperatives”

Burak Alp Ersen, the General Manager of İZELMAN, a subsidiary of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, said, “We signed our collective bargaining agreement for the years 2021 and 2022 with the DİSK Genel İş Union. Pursuant to the contract, we agreed that the food aid, which was 250 TL per year in the previous contract, will be 3 TL this year. We agreed on the use of the People's Grocery in this food aid. Therefore, our personnel will have access to safe, healthy, economical and completely produced products by producer cooperatives. Thus, we both bring our staff together with healthy food and support producer cooperatives.”

We are happy with the quality and affordable

İZELMAN employee Çiğdem Hapçı, who shopped at People's Grocery with food checks, said, “I found the application very good because it is healthy products. I think the prices are reasonable compared to outside. I would like to thank our President Tunç Soyer for providing us with this opportunity.” Serhat Arda said, “A good Collective Bargaining Agreement was made. Accordingly, we started shopping at the People's Grocery store as of yesterday. I find this application timely and beautiful. Meeting with healthy products also motivated us.”

Workers met on common ground

Yekta Saydam, Manager of the People's Grocery Markets, said, “There is a great interest and demand from the İZELMAN staff. The shopping made by the staff is very important to support the small producer and local production. This study enabled both the cooperatives and our fellow workers to meet on a common ground. In this way, cooperative products will be produced more and contribute to the development of agriculture. In addition, our colleagues will be able to consume natural, healthy and reliable foods at their tables.

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