İZDENİZ Winter Schedule Starts on Monday, October 4th

izdeniz winter schedule starts on monday october
izdeniz winter schedule starts on monday october

İZDENİZ A.Ş., affiliated to İzmir Metropolitan Municipality. As of Monday, October 4, the winter tariff for sea transportation will be implemented. As of October 1, the new fare tariff has been applied to car ferries.

İZDENİZ A.Ş., which provides transportation services in İzmir Bay, will switch to the winter schedule as of October 4, in parallel with the increase in passengers following the opening of primary and secondary education institutions and universities. Bostanlı during the summer – Karşıyaka – The ongoing ring voyages between Konak piers will come to an end. Bostanli and Karşıyaka Direct flights from the piers to Konak Pier will start again.

The number of car ferries on the Bostanlı - Üçkuyular line will also increase as of October 4th. The number of flights, which is 56 per day, will be 61. The last departure time has been extended from 23.00 to 23.20 from both piers. Six ferries still operate in the Gulf. Work continues on the rental of another ferryboat.

On the other hand, İZDENİZ management has increased the first voyage time of the Üçkuyular – Göztepe – Passport – Alsancak cruise ships, which provide service on weekdays, from 08.10 to 07.50, upon requests from the citizens. You can access the new timetables for all lines at izdeniz.com.tr.

Mandatory hike to car ferries

Due to the increase in fuel, material/spare parts, repair/maintenance and personnel expenses, it became necessary to make adjustments in prices. İZDENİZ A.Ş. management, with the approval of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, increased the fare tariff of car ferries as of October 1st. It was especially emphasized that despite the new regulation, the lowest transportation fee per mile across the country is still in İzmir.

Gesture to student services

On car ferries, minibus fees will be charged from S-plate student midibuses during the education period. The new fee schedule will be as follows:

MOTORCYCLE 10 tbsp 12 tbsp
CAR 20 tbsp 23 tbsp
MINIBUS – TRUCK 40 tbsp 45 tbsp
MIDIBUS 55 tbsp 60 tbsp
BUS – TRUCK 70 tbsp 80 tbsp
TIR 150 tbsp 170 tbsp
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