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Rapid Diagnosis and Treatments for Gum Diseases - How Is Curettage Performed?

What is curettage? How is curettage done? We have examined the curettage application, which is one of the innovations in gum treatments in recent years, for you...

Dental curettage is a treatment method used to scrape the inflammation around the gums and roots in people with gum disease. Curettage, which has been used frequently in recent years, is preferred if gingivitis causes serious problems.

When deep gingivitis occurs, it begins to spread not only in the visible part of the tooth, but also into the gingiva and even to the root surface. In such advanced inflammations, the root surface along with the gingiva must be cleaned. The most common symptoms are gingival deterioration and bleeding in inflammations that spread to the root surface. Curettage treatment is necessary to eliminate these undesirable conditions. With curettage treatment, irregularities on the root surface are removed and inflammations are removed from the tooth surface.

How Is Dental Curettage Performed?

When gum disease progresses, it can cause great distress to the patient. Dental curettage is a very effective treatment method in preventing these problems. Curettage, which also prevents tooth loss, may cause you to encounter problems that can reach bone resorption when it progresses.

So how is curettage done? During the curettage, the patient's superficial calculus is cleaned first. Local anesthesia is then applied to the patient. Small incisions are made on the patient's gums and the inflammation under the gums is cleaned. Then the gums are sutured and it is ensured that it is attached to the tooth again. Then improvement is observed. During the curettage treatment, the patient does not feel anything.

Recovery is achieved after curettage and there is no need for gingival surgery. Those with gum problems should definitely reach their dentist and have their treatment. It is inevitable that tooth loss will occur at the end of inflammation that progresses to the root of the tooth. Therefore, knowing about curettage treatment will protect your dental health.

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