How to Create Wedding Packages in HEKAHOME?

how to create wedding packages on hekahome
how to create wedding packages on hekahome

HEKAHOME is a Kurtoğlu Furniture brand. Ankara furniture It is the most preferred company among the companies. It is one of the pioneers of furniture production with its innovative breakthroughs and investments. It offers concept furniture, which it created with the slogan "No house without furniture", with the principle of suitability for every budget and high quality.

Since 1998, KURTOĞLU has put its signature on the furniture of many houses and has created its own furniture collection during this time.

HEKAHOME/KURTOĞLU FURNITURE, which carries out its production activities in Ankara and Kırıkkale, is one of the rare organizations that operate environmentally sensitive with its quality, aesthetic and human health products.

KURTOĞLU Furniture collection; It consists of fast, high quality and economical modern furniture and avant-garde style products that reinterpret classical furniture. Every model in the collection is a product of KURTOĞLU quality and design approach.

Ankara sofa sets The most accurate address will be Hekahome.

Well, wouldn't you like to experience a company that has gained the trust of people in this way? is a must-visit address for couples on the way to marriage whose furniture research continues, due to the opening of the wedding season and the need for couples' home decoration.

And of course, it is very important for couples to plan their budget, as it is necessary to buy all the necessities. Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture offers quality products to its customers with the best price guarantee. We expect to serve you with our experienced design team and professional sales representatives for our customers who want to buy all their household goods from one place and choose a single contact person for them.

First of all, we would like to make a detailed explanation of the term "wedding package" for our customers who want to buy a wedding package. The main parts included in a standard package are;

  • Bedroom
  • Dining room
  • Sofa Set.

So much so that a wedding package does not have to be limited to only these three teams. That's why we have a product capacity that will design the home of our customers from start to finish with thousands of different designs in both the textile and home life-accessory categories.

Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture not only serves you in the home life category, but also brings all the products you need to your home with ALTUS and ARÇELİK white goods brands.

In short, Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture has all the necessary data for a house. So, how are these pieces put together in the most correct way? wedding packages being created?

The criteria for creating a Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture Wedding Package with all the details are available in our article.

First of all, the most important point to consider is to bring the right styles together. In other words, Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture integrates the modern bedroom-modern dining room and modern sofa set while creating a wedding package. An avant-garde dining room is not preferred next to a modern bedroom. Or a modern dining room in an avant-garde sofa set will not be the right choice.

The foot structure of the teams is another important point to be considered. A sofa set with metal legs of the same color should be preferred next to a dining room, which is usually determined with metal legs. In addition to the pieces chosen in this way, the other complementary accessories should also have the same details.

Of course, the only reason for preference is not the foot detail or the style of the design. The color distribution of the team is another focus as important as they are.

Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture architects, who have a designer from each architectural department, pay great attention to the harmony of everything from the panel material of your dining room to the fabric texture of your sofa set.

The color distribution scheme, which is decisive in a design, is created on the basis of the combination of the material that makes up the dining-bedroom and the fabric and fabric texture preferred in the soft group. You can think of the most well-known walnut surfaces and metal accessories in the 2021 new season, as well as the nubuck board and linen anthracite grays that are preferred in the sofa set, in order to better revive it in your mind.

Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture family, which has a very large design team, has become a company that also provides services to online shopping with serious investment support. With the dominance of the sales personnel on the Hekahome website and the product capacity that the design team has increased day by day, it has made modern shopping a leading service.

In today's world where everything is defined online, wouldn't you like to experience Hekahome/Kurtoğlu Furniture shopping in our stores or really at home, as if you were sitting at home and sipping a cup of tea?

We would love to have a cup of tea with you, meet and introduce our furniture.

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