New Kamikaze UAV Bouncer from HAVELSAN

new kamikaze drone bouncer from havelsan
new kamikaze drone bouncer from havelsan

The new kamikaze UAV FEDAI developed by HAVELSAN was shared at the 3rd International Military Radar and Border Security Summit (MRBS) held at Hacettepe Beytepe Congress Center. Speaking within the scope of the event, HAVELSAN Business Development Manager Nezih ŞİŞMAN stated that FEDAİ will work with the Integrated UAV Detection & Defense System developed by HAVELSAN.

HAVELSAN Integrated UAV Detection & Defense System is being developed for the defense of large areas such as critical facilities and strategic areas against drone threats. In this context, the system

  • Fast and accurate information sharing in order to create situational awareness for the area to be protected,
  • Creating an operational tactical picture according to operational plans,
  • Sensor-Weapon matching and weapon allocation suitable for the threat,
  • It provides infrastructures to assist threat assessment and decision-making processes.

Speaking about the FEDAI Kamikaze UAV, Nezih ŞİŞMAN stated that the tests of FEDAI are continuing and that it will be operationally used at the end of 2021. In this context, although the system carries a warhead, it also has a net launch feature. The range of FEDAI, which can stay in the air for 1 hour, is 40 km. Equipped with a wing folding mechanism, FEDAI launches from the tube and has a highly targeted attack capability with its image-recognition seeker head.

Launched by HAVELSAN Integrated UAV Detection & Defense System, FEDAİ can be commanded by the command and control system or directed to other targets after the shot. In this context, FEDAI is fed with radar and electro-optical data obtained by the command and control system until it reaches the target.

FEDAİ UAV Technical Specifications

Max. Speed ​​in Air: 100 km/h
Max. Altitude: 500 meters (1600 ft)
Distance: 40 km (25 mi)
Flight Time: 1 hour
Warhead: 1.5 kg ball particle
Parachute Landing: Yes

Source: defenceturk

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