Ford Introduced The New Ford Focus With Its Impressive Design!

ford introduced the new ford focus with its impressive design
ford introduced the new ford focus with its impressive design

Ford unveiled the new Ford Focus, featuring an impressive new design, fuel-efficient electric powertrains, and advanced connectivity and driver assistance technologies that make the driving experience more personalized and enjoyable.

With a new interpretation of Ford's "people-oriented" design philosophy, more confidence and courage are brought to the exterior of the Focus, while the Titanium, ST-Line and Active versions have been developed with a more distinctive approach. Each version offers unique styling details and increased technical features that express its own personality. The new Ford Focus offers excellent luxury and exclusive design details with the extended Vignale package.

The new Focus now introduces Ford's next-generation SYNC 4 technology to more customers. Powered by a new 2-inch horizontal digital display, the largest in its segment13,2, SYNC 4 features an intuitive interface designed to make it easy to use with comprehensive driving and comfort features.

Among the advanced driver assistance technologies introduced for the first time in the Focus is Blind Spot Assist3. By monitoring the driver's blind spot for vehicles approaching from behind, if it detects the possibility of a collision, it can apply reverse steering to warn the driver and deter lane-changing manoeuvres.

The new Focus is offered with a fuel-saving EcoBoost Hybrid 48-volt engine and an automatic transmission with up to 155 PS. The seven-speed, dual-clutch Powershift automatic transmission makes driving easier in stop-and-go traffic, especially in cities, while contributing to the familiar driving pleasure of the Focus with the electrically assisted performance of the hybrid powertrain.

Ford also improves practical use by increasing the load volume of the SW (station wagon) version of the new Focus to 1,653 liters4. In response to customer feedback, a new wet area, easy-to-clean mat and side surfaces, and a vertical divider for simple and effective organization of the loadspace are offered. There's also the option of a practical, spacious five-door hatchback.

Ford also introduced the new Focus ST version developed by Ford Performance. Featuring a sporty new exterior and alloy wheel designs, a stunning Green color option and new Performance Seats developed in-house, Focus ST's five-door and SW options continue to be offered with a high-performance EcoBoost petrol engine.

More modern, newer and more impressive design

Thanks to a new hood design, Ford's "blue oval" badge is moved to the center of the enlarged upper grille, while height is increased at the front, providing a greater visual presence throughout the range.

While new LED headlights are standard on all new Focus models, they now include integrated fog lights, allowing the lower line to be designed more simply and elegantly. Thus, a clear light signature is created that is fit for purpose. The five-door and SW models feature darker taillight glass for a premium look. The high-end LED taillights, on the other hand, have a new interior design with a darker middle section and eye-catching light pattern.

Each new Focus version features unique design details, with upper grille and panel designs that reflect its unique personality and create more differentiation across the range. In the Trend X and Titanium series, there is a wide upper grille with a bright chrome frame, which is differentiated by its strong horizontal bars and in harmony with the side openings that curve upwards from the lower grille. The Titanium series also includes a hot-stamped chrome finish on the upper grill bars.

The sporty character of the Ford Performance-inspired ST-Line version is presented using the uniquely proportioned trapezoidal upper grille, supported by a gloss black honeycomb surface along the wider side openings and a deeper lower grille. ST-Line models also feature side panels, a rear diffuser and a hidden rear spoiler.

The adventurous Active version is inspired by SUV design details for a more powerful look. A wider upper grille features prominent vertical lines, while a deeper lower grille and longer side openings complement the increased ride height and black body trim. With the introduction of an expanded Vignale package in the new Focus, luxury features are available for Titanium, ST-Line and Active models. The Vignale version features increased trim levels and interior design, as well as options such as satin finishes on the upper grille and side openings and special alloy wheels instead of body colour. Five new alloy wheel designs are offered in the new Focus range.

Electric performance: power and fuel efficiency combined

The new Focus's more diverse powertrain lineup includes electrified options that have been a key part of the Focus's appeal for more than 20 years, taking efficiency, refined style and familiar driving pleasure to new heights.

More Focus drivers will now be able to benefit from the fuel efficiency and performance of the new Focus's EcoBoost Hybrid engines, following the introduction of the seven-speed Powershift automatic transmission option with WLTP fuel efficiency starting at 5.2 l/100 km and CO117 emissions starting at 2h/km.

The dual-clutch Powershift transmission provides an easier driving experience with two pedals, as well as providing uninterrupted acceleration, making it possible to make smooth and fast gear changes and rapid overtaking with the triple downshift feature. The automatic transmission takes advantage of lower gears for sportier responses in 'Sport Drive Mode'. The transmission is also offered with sporty steering gears as standard on ST Line versions, thus allowing manual gear selection.

The Powershift automatic transmission supports fuel efficiency by keeping the hybrid engine at optimum rpm and allowing it to run below 12 km/h with the Auto Start-Stop feature.

The new Focus's 125-volt mild hybrid 155-liter EcoBoost Hybrid powertrain with 48 PS and 1.0 PS power options provides WLTP fuel efficiency starting from 5.1 l/100 km and 115 g/km CO2 emissions with its six-speed manual transmission. The hybrid powertrain, which replaces the standard alternator with a belt-driven integrated starter/generator (BISG), ensures that energy normally lost during braking is recovered and stored in a special lithium-ion battery pack. BISG can also act as an engine, providing torque boost to increase overall torque from the powertrain for more harmonious acceleration in the same gear, or to reduce the amount of work required by the engine to increase fuel efficiency.

The new Focus is also available with Ford's 125-liter EcoBoost engine with 1.0 PS power option. This six-speed manual transmission engine delivers 5.1 l/100 km fuel efficiency and 116 g/km CO2 emissions (WLTP).

The new Focus also has Driving Mode technologies. This technology allows drivers to choose between Normal, Sport and Eco modes that can adjust the accelerator pedal response, while it includes Electronic Assisted Steering (EPAS) and an automatic transmission that can adapt to the driving style. The Active version offers Wet/Slippery Modes to increase confidence in low-grip conditions and Thick Snow/Sand modes designed to help maintain acceleration on perishable surfaces.

Technologies that make life easier in the New Ford Focus

The new Focus seamlessly integrates Ford's most advanced comfort and driving technologies for a comfortable and connected driving experience.

The new SYNC 4 communication and entertainment system uses an advanced machine learning algorithm to learn from drivers' behavior and provide more accurate recommendations and search results over time.

SYNC 4 is powered by a new 13,2-inch central touchscreen. The intuitive interface of the system also allows drivers to access the application, information or control they need with a few taps. The new touchscreen also includes controls for functions such as heating and ventilation that were previously operated with physical buttons; thus, a simpler-looking center console design emerges. The system is also Apple CarPlay and Android AutoTM compatible and enables seamless integration between smartphone functions and SYNC 4, thanks to its wireless connectivity.

Advanced lighting technologies include Maneuvering Light, which activates a wider beam pattern for better visibility when the vehicle detects a low-speed manoeuvre, and standard full-LED headlights integrated with Automatic High Beam Control3. Ford Dynamic LED Headlight System, available as an option in the upper series, includes: contains features.

Anti-Glare High Beams: Utilizes the front camera to detect oncoming traffic and creates a “dazzle-free area” by blocking rays that could dazzle other road users.

Camera-Based Dynamic Headlights 3: Leverages the front camera and widens the field of view to see the road and illuminate inside bends in the road

Bad Weather Headlights3; Changes the beam pattern for better visibility when the front wipers operate in wet weather

Traffic Sign Sensitive Headlights3; Uses the front camera to detect road signs and adjusts the beam pattern to better see cyclists and pedestrians at intersections

The new Focus also enriches a comprehensive suite of advanced driver assistance technologies designed to increase driver self-confidence and make driving easier.

Blind Spot Assist extends the functionality of the Blind Spot Information System by monitoring the driver's blind spots for vehicles approaching from behind. It also steers the vehicle away from danger by steering in the opposite direction to warn the driver and discourage changing lanes when the possibility of a collision is detected. The system scans adjacent lanes 20 times per second for vehicles up to 28 meters behind and operates at speeds between 65 km/h and 200 km/h.

The new Junction Assistant uses Focus's front camera with radar to monitor the road ahead in case of collisions with oncoming vehicles in parallel lanes. The system can operate at night with the headlights on, without the need for road markings or other elements.

Adaptive Cruise Control3 with features such as Stop-Go and Lane Alignment helps reduce traffic stress. Collision Avoidance Assist3 with Active Braking helps drivers avoid collisions with vehicles, pedestrians and cyclists or cushion the impact, while Active Park Assist3 enables gear selection, acceleration and braking to activate fully automatic parking maneuvers with just a push of a button.

Rear Passenger Alert, offered on new Focus models, helps drivers not to leave children or pets in the vehicle by reminding them to check the rear seats when the rear doors are opened at the start of the journey.

Focus SW is more practical than ever

In response to customer feedback, innovative features added to the new Focus SW loadspace offer users practicality and convenience.

The cargo area is now covered with a high-quality carpet that was previously used only as a cabin floor mat and floor mat on Vignale-capable vehicles. An additional mesh on the side provides an ideal place to store smaller items that can move freely in the loadspace while traveling, while twin LED lights provide clearer illumination in dark or dim situations. The adjustable floor of the cargo area can be folded into place at a 90-degree angle with its hinged structure in the middle, creating two separate areas to keep items more securely in place.

The loading area now also includes a wet zone; The lined floor in this area provides water resistance against items such as wet suits, diving suits and umbrellas. The waterproof liner can be removed from the space for easy emptying or cleaning, while the floor can be folded to separate from the rest of the trunk, dividing by a vertical divider to create wet and dry zones.

The new Focus ST is also introduced for the first time

Ford also introduced the new Focus ST, available in hatchback and SW body styles, with a choice of powerful EcoBoost petrol and EcoBlue diesel engines developed by Ford Performance.

The new Focus ST has a bold exterior that further emphasizes its high-performance character. Details include honeycomb-shaped upper and lower front grilles, wide side openings, side panels and an aerodynamically optimized spoiler on the lower line and rear roof. New 18-inch alloy wheels are standard, while 19-inch wheels are optional.

The interior of the Focus ST features new Performance Seats developed by Ford Performance engineers to provide a high level of support and comfort. Leading spinal health organization Aktion Gesunder Rücken eV (AGR) (Healthy Backs Campaign) has approved the seats. Fourteen-way power seat adjustment, including four-way adjustable lumbar support, helps drivers find their ideal driving position, while standard seat heating increases comfort.

Powering the new Focus ST is the 2.3-liter EcoBoost petrol engine producing 280 PS and 420 Nm of torque and is supported by a twin-scroll turbocharger with anti-lag technology. The standard six-speed manual transmission features rev-matching technology and, optionally, smoother and more consistent downshifts can be achieved with the X package. There is also the option of a seven-speed automatic transmission with shift lever.

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